Ideas For Celebrating A Quarantined Easter Sunday

Well Easter Sunday is almost upon us, and with the world under a pandemic and many social distancing, a lot of us are going to be celebrating at home this year. And that’s ok! I just wanted to send out this special edition post to offer some last minute ideas for making your Easter celebrations at home meaningful and easy for you. You can find all of my Christ centered ideas for celebrating Easter with kids here.

Quarantine Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas

Many of us have been limited in how much we can shop or what we can find in stores right now. I found a post from To Jesus, Sincerely that has a super great round up of printable Catholic Easter basket stuffers! I thought it would be super useful to you guys right now, so be sure to check that out.

Also, if you’re looking for some sweets for the baskets, don’t overlook baking some stuff yourself if you can’t find your regular “goodies”.

DIY Stained Glass Door Or Window

This idea is going viral this year and I LOVE it!!! What a great way to bring a little church straight into your home this year, and provide hope, joy, and a witness to your neighborhood! You can find some really good directions on painting your own stained glass at home here.

Here are some pictures I have had submitted by readers and friends of painting their own stained glass this year.

Cook Meaningful Recipes Together!

Try celebrating the entire Easter season with my new cookbook for families– The Symbolic Holy Week & Easter Cookbook! This cookbook includes 23 recipes that point to the true meaning of Easter. It only includes 29 pages of bonus printables! You do not want to miss this amazing resource. 

“Egg” Your Friends Or Family

This looked like such a fun and easy way to be able to engage with some loved ones while maintaining social distancing. Basically you go to someone’s house and secretly hide a dozen eggs in their yard, then leave a sign on the door. This could be a beautiful way to bring joy to someone who is alone this Easter! Maybe just also lysol the eggs before you hide them lol. You can find full directions and a free printable at Happy Home Fairy

Easter Dinner With Family Via Zoom

My brother had this idea and my family loves it! So everyone decides a time and day for dinner, then what you are eating. (We had one last week and the whole family made spaghetti). Then everyone turns on Zoom and you eat together! 🙂

Your family can also play games together via zoom such as:

  • Yahtzee
  • Pictionary 
  • Charades 

Eggless At Home Easter Egg Hunt Craft

This kept my kids busy for hours and I can’t tell you how delighted my Anabelle (age 7) was with how “tricky” her hidden Easter eggs were! The idea is that you color paper eggs to make it blend into a part of the house and match their surroundings. Then you put some loops of tape on the back, and tape it to where it blends in. It’s like the egg has camouflage for your house! You can find my full directions and a totally free download here.

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Watch An Easter Story Video With Your Kids

I always suggest having a child friendly version of the Gospel story available to your kids. If you have a children’t bible, that would be great to read. Also, you may want to check out this video of the Easter story for kids. It’s really good and totally free for everyone on YouTube.

Put Together This Printable Resurrection Set

I have this printable resurrection set free for all of my subscribers and it is fun and easy to put together.

DIY Paschal Candle

I highly recommend this especially for this year since we are celebrating at home. You can paint on or decorate any candle you happen to have, even if it’s already been lit before. You can find my directions on how to make your own here.

More Ideas For Making Easter At Home Special

  • Go ahead and cook! I have head of some of the moms/grandmas making “to go” plates for their kids to come pick up in the driveway.
  • Dress up! If you have the clothes and are in a fancy mood, go ahead and put on your Sunday best for the egg hunt and pictures in the yard. 
  • Cut some fresh flowers. If you’re lucky enough to have anything blooming in your yard, cut it and bring some inside. 
  • Egg hunt- inside or out in your yard. Even with just 1 kid this can still be fun at home. You don’t need the big crowd at the church. 

Sing An Easter Hymn Together As A Family

Look up your favorite on YouTube and sing along! I don’t care if you’re tone deaf. Do it. 

Last But Certainly Not Least… Easter Mass At Home

We are all doing our best with mass at home. If your personal parish offers the Mass streaming now, I recommend that. Otherwise, here are some great options.

A Catholic Mom’s Life has a super great video on having Mass at home with your kids. There are some really good and easy to follow ideas in here for making Mass at home special.


More Easter Mass Resources For At Home:

* Temporarily free: An online verision of the Magnifid for Easter!
* Catholic kid’s printable bulletin for Easter Sunday
* Temporatily free: Beautiful Easter coloring pages from Catholic Artworks

The Symbolic Holy Week & Easter Cookbook is sure to bless your family in the upcoming seasons! Read more now.

Silly rabbit! Easter is for Jesus!!!

You can find all of my Christ-centered resources for Easter here.

Make it about the lamb, not the bunny!


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