Printable Palms For Palm Sunday- FREE!

Hi friends. What a year we are having. I was going through my Palm Sunday resources for families and thinking about how this would be the first Palm Sunday in modern history where Catholics would not have access to palms for celebrating, and that made me sad for everyone. So I decided to do something a little unconventional, but with the hopes of bringing a little nostalgia to your homes this Palm Sunday. I painted you guys some printable palms!

My new download includes 2 palm options- one that looks like a folded palm cross, and one that is 1 long palm that prints across one paper. It is in 4 sections, so it has to be cut out and taped end to end to make one long palm. If you have card stock, that will help the printable palm stand up a little better, but paper works as well.

It’s a little hard to show the fully assembled palm because it’s long (I tried to make it real size) but here’s a picture of the printables and then what they also look like cut out and assembled.


For the cross, you can just cut it out and it’s kinda like you folded your own palm cross! Kinda. lol. We have to make do for this year. 

I also made a quick version of the cross with a square around the bottom like so. 

This little guy gets cut around the square, cut the “arms” of the cross free, roll back the flaps of the square and tape into a tube. Then it can stand up all by itself!

Here you can see it from the side…

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and here is what is looks like from behind.

I hope you can print these palms, gather around a device with your kids, and watch Mass together as a family with your “palms” this year. I love all of you. Pray for each other. We will get through this together.

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Download Your Printable Palms Here

Send this file everywhere to anyone you think could enjoy a palm for this year. It’s free to the community for everyone.

Download the printable palms here

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  1. Thank you so much! I teach at a Catholic School and with all this distance learning I wasn’t sure how I would share things for Holy Week. This is amazing. You are a true blessing!!!

  2. Rosanne Dworaczyk says

    Thank you so very much for beautiful activity. My heart is so full of gratitude for you for sharing this. I am a teacher in a Catholic school and have been so very busy with undertaking the E-Learning that is going on across the country right now. When I saw this email, and the beautiful palms that you painted, I started to cry. I don’t think I had fully realized that I was not going to be able to get real palms this Sunday – the first time in my life! But now I will have palms – beautiful palms – that will hang behind my crucifixes all year. And each time I see them, I will remember your precious gift to all of us. Thank you for lifting my heart in love and hope! May God continue to bless you for all you are doing.

  3. This is so fabulous and kind of you. Thank you, Lacey!

  4. Renee Thérèse says

    Oh my Thank you. I just want to cry..I love it

  5. Pat Byrnes says

    I share the same feelings the teachers above hold. I am also a Religion teacher in a Catholic school. We have been doing Suddenly Cyber teaching for 2 1/2 weeks now. We have in our Diocese lost all in-person services indefinitely. When I looked online for a Palm Sunday craft, I couldn’t find what I was calling “Catholic Palms”. Every other image was for broad-leaved designs that just didn’t look like what my students call palm. With one FaceBook plea, in a very short time I had another Catholic School teacher send me to your site. I have posted it for my students, and have shared it with colleagues in two other dioceses. Thank you for being so generous in our time of need. Bless you!

    • This makes me so happy!!! So glad you found me! Yes, I actually did my own google search and searched for pages because I just wanted to share someone else’s, and when I didn’t find it I knew I had to make it. Same story with pretty much everything I offer here on this site lol. Hope you have a blessed Palm Sunday.

  6. Thank you for your thoughtful gift to share with all of us during this pandemic time. God bless you all stay home and be safe. Prayers are needed .

  7. Marjorie says

    This looks great! Thank you so much for making it. I’m sending the link to my parish administrator so it be shared with the entire parish.

  8. Kathy Schumacher says

    God bless you for creating these palms and sharing! Was just in the midst of wondering how to do something like this…as well as schooling my three boys! Will be sharing with our parish community (just found out last night that all Holy Week liturgies will be livestreamed). Jesus, I trust in You!

  9. Loveina Peres says

    Thank you so much. Very kind of u to share this. Mom of 2, I was wondering how to keep my teenage boys, connected.

  10. Theresa Azzaretto says

    Hi I am an activities director in a nursing home and I really appreciate your cut out palms!!! The Catholic Church usually brings us palms every Palm Sunday and with everything that is going on in the world today they won’t be visiting us this year. So I made one and made copies so my staff is now busy cutting and piecing together many many palms for Sunday as I write this. Thank you Lacy for posting this and helping everyone still be able to receive their palms for Palm Sunday. God Bless You. Be safe and healthy.

  11. You rock, Lacy! And if we don’t praise Him, the rocks will cry out. Let’s praise Him, people!

  12. Donna Webster says

    Thank you for sharing. Our parish is getting branches like shrubs. 3 of the 4 gospels don’t mention actual palms they speak of olive branches. I thought that was interesting. But I will miss the palms. So I’m extremely thankful for the printouts. Happy Easter. He is risen. Amen

  13. This is rely fun to do

  14. The printable palms are such a blessing to my family this Palm Sunday! Can’t thank you enough for your thoughtfulness to share.

  15. Thank you – as always for inspiring. This will be a Holy week to remember. I am thrilled to have palms and thank you for sharing your talent with us this year.

  16. Phyllis Delay says

    Thank you for the beautiful palm crosses. As a First Eucharist prep catechist I have been feeling helpless in continuing activities to help the kids get ready for First Eucharist, whenever that may be this year, as well as sharing the Lenten experience with them. We have sent them some activities, and I have encouraged them to seek other activities on your website. And, instead of giving them jelly beans, with the jelly bean prayer, this year, I sent them a copy of your jelly bean prayer booklet, to color, as well as a copy of the palm cross. Happy Easter to you and your family.