Symbolic Holy Week And Easter Cookbook (Great For Kids!)

Do you want to teach your kids the true meaning of the passion and resurrection story during this important church season? Don’t let Holy Week pass by this year without involving your kids with the true Easter and resurrection story! The Symbolic Holy Week & Easter Cookbook is chock full of meaningful and symbolic recipes to engage your children in the true meaning of these Lent and Easter seasons. Check it out!

Holy Week & Easter Symbolism Explained

Each recipe in this book has the story that goes along with that dish included on the page, so you don’t have to look anything up to enjoy the symbolism and meaning behind it. The cookbook is also divided by Lent and Easter, telling you the traditional times these recipes are made and served. 

“Seriously the most amazing resource ever! You are so awesome for putting together such a helpful book… I’m feeling so grateful for it I don’t even know how to thank you enough!… I’ve bought almost every resource you’ve made! I get sooooo excited when you come out with something new!” – Nadia from Toronto, Canada

Included In The Book:

  • 10 Holy Week recipes correlating with Palm Sunday, Spy Wednesday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, & Holy Saturday!
  • 11 Easter recipes that celebrate the cross, Jesus, and symbols of the actual Resurrection (bunnies not included haha)
  • Tips for having “help” in the kitchen from kids
  • Symbolic meals for kids for both Holy Week and the entire Easter season
  • A ton of super beautiful and useful bonus printables!!! 
  • Fun kid foods that go from Palm Sunday through Pentecost Sunday!

Holy Week For Kids With Kid Friendly Recipes! 

These recipes are all designed to appeal to kids! There are no recipes in here telling you to make kale for Green Thursday, or heart of palm for Palm Sunday. My crew of 4 is delighted to make and eat every one of the included dishes. 😉

While a handful of these recipes are a little more involved, the overwhelming majority are designed to have tiny hands helping in the kitchen. A lot of these can be completely made by kids! 

Note that these are all fun little recipes, and while 2 tea party-type menus are included, this book does not have traditional Easter dinner recipes such as lamb, ham, seafood, etc. The recipes are comprised mostly breads and desserts. 

Over 23 Holy Week & Easter Focused Recipes!

  • Each recipe has symbolism that points towards the true meaning of Holy Week and Easter
  • Most recipes are very simple and easy for kids to help with
  • There are a few more traditional recipes included that have yeast and a little more involvement as well (such as traditional hot cross buns and Italian Easter bread!)
  • All of these recipes are so easy to follow and use in this book!!!

“soooo amazing 🔥🙌😍 u always have the best resources!! PRINTING NOW 😍” Magdalene from Montessori Mom

Your favorite recipes can be printed and put into your Weaving The Faith binder behind your Lent and Easter tabs, but these are just as well to access on your phone or tablet while you cook with your kids. 

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Bonus Printables Included

The bonus printables section of this book really take it to the next level! Look at what all is included:

  • Good Friday Symbolic Lunch Printables- This has been one of my favorite annual activities I do with my kids of all time! I have never before offered this in a printable easy-to-use format, so seeing this come together brought me so much joy! All of the Scripture you read to your kids that goes with each food is all included. There is also a bookmark provided with the Scripture verses listed out, so you can use that to read straight from the Bible if you prefer that method. There are also table display cards for labeling each food, bringing this symbolic lunch to the next level. This download has a $3 value!
  • Symbolic Easter story tea- I love this symbolic Easter tea because it goes through everything that Jesus does from the time of His resurrection through Pentecost Sunday. Too often we forget to celebrate the length and fullness of the actual Easter season! Ditto everything from above that’s included in the Good Friday lunch printable. This download has a $3 value!
  • Resurrection Rolls Printable- Also called “Empty Tomb Rolls”, this recipe has been a family favorite of ours for years! Now this adorable printable version provides a script to read to children that includes all the symbolism of the ingredients and the process of making these. The download also includes a bonus recipe card and a table display card. This download has a $2 value!
  • Easter Story Cookies Printable- Making these meaningful cookies has never been so easy! The Scripture that goes along with this recipe is all included woven into the steps for creating the cookies. This set also comes with a recipe card and a table display card. These display cards are perfect for when you bring these treats to friends or family so everyone understands the symbolism behind them. This download has a $2 value
  • Jelly Bean Prayer- I have my brand new version of the jelly bean prayer included! There are bookmarks, a display page, and a stand up table card that can double as a label for bags of jelly beans. This version of the jelly bean legend tells the actual Easter story and the part coordinate to the actual colors of the jelly beans. This download has a value of $1!
  • M&M Easter Prayer- There is a page included that goes through how we can find the true Easter season in the M&M’s when we turn them different ways, and it goes with a recipe that’s included in the book. This download has a value of $1!
  • Easter Dinner Story Place Cards- I invented these years ago and absolutely love them! Each member of the family reads their own piece of the Easter story during before dinner prayers on Easter Sunday. This download has a $1 value!

So the bonus printables alone have a $13 value! With The Symbolic Holy Week & Easter Cookbook, you’re getting all of these bonus printables in addition to the 23 recipes! 

Great Cookbook For All Christian Kids!

Although I was born Catholic, I was actually raised by a Catholic mom and a Baptist dad. I also live in the south and many of my close friends are very devoted non-Catholic Christians. So when I tell you that this book is great for all Christian families with kids, I say that with confidence. I really think your family is going to love this cookbook! 

Here’s what one mom had to say about her experience making Easter story cookies with her children:

“When my oldest was little we would stand over the dining table and read the Good Friday story. I remember watching her flinch as we would hammer the pecans and then she would help me place the tray in the oven. Every year her face would light up when she would bite into the cookie and see the hollow. She turned 15 this past week, and it’s my prayer that all three of my kids will carry on these family traditions to their own kids to make their Easter mornings more meaningful. This year, thanks to the blessing of your cookbook, we will have new recipes to add. I look at your Family Cookbook as a way to bond families together, strengthen their faith, and through it all, remember the greatest sacrifice ever paid. A simple story read while making a recipe could be that turning point for a child to commit their hearts to Christ. Your cookbook is more than just a cookbook, Lacy. It’s so much more.” -Marina from  Mommy Snippets

Buy Your Symbolic Holy Week & Easter Cookbook Now!!!

This cookbook is a great value with everything that’s included. Now is the time to download your copy! Get your copy now

“Lacy at Catholic Icing has just released another AWESOME resource! It’s a Cookbook with 10 Holy Week Recipes and 11 Easter Recipes…” – Monica from Equipping Catholic Families (Read her full review here!)

I love teaching my kids about their faith in fun and hands-on ways, and I have been compiling these recipes for over a decade now! Seeing all of these recipes come together in a bright, fun, and easy-to-use format has brought so much happiness to my heart! I think you’re going to love it. As always, thank you for your support of Catholic Icing! 🙂