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St. Lucia Day- Dec 13

St. Lucy (or Santa Lucia)'s feast day is coming up on December 13. Part of the legend of St. Lucy is that she was bringing supplies to the Christians hiding down in the catacombs, but she didn't have enough hands to hold her light, so she fashioned a wreath of candles to wear on her head so she could carry double the load! To read more about St. Lucy Day, click here. For ideas to celebrate St. … [Read more...]

Celebrating Santa Lucia Day- Printable St. Lucy and Star Boy Craft

It's almost St. Lucy day! This is a day that is traditionally celebrated in Sweden. Little girls dress up as St. Lucy in white dresses with red ribbons (that symbolize her purity and her martyrdom) and wreaths with candles in their hair. They serve Santa Lucia saffron buns, a sweet bread, also known "Lussekatter". Also in Sweden, there was a tradition there where boys dressed up as "star boys" in … [Read more...]

Authentic Swedish Recipe For Lussekatter (St. Lucy Bread)

Years ago I learned how to bake Lussekatter, a Swedish traditional sweet bread that is made with saffron and eaten in celebration of St. Lucy's feast day, also known as Santa Lucia day! This is a big and important celebration to the Swedish people, and it has been an absolute joy to incorporate these celebrations into our home these past 10 years. You can find my resources for celebrating the … [Read more...]

Celebrating St. Lucy’s Feast Day With Kids- The Ultimate Resource List!

There are many traditional ways to celebrate St. Lucy's (Santa Lucia's) feast day, many of them originating from Scandinavia, especially Sweden. I love how much culture it opens us up to when we celebrate these awesome Catholic feast days! You'll find everything you need to celebrate St. Lucy's feast day right here from this one post. :-) I have a Swedish friend and when I saw him over … [Read more...]

How To Draw Advent Saints (St. Lucy, Our Lady Of Guadalupe, & St. Nicholas)

Well I am really starting to love these how to draw videos as I am going with this project- they seem to be getting more fun by the week! I was thinking about how popular the "How To Draw Saints" video was for All Saints' Day, and it occurred to me that ya'll might enjoy an Advent version. My family just loves to celebrate the December Saint feast days, so this seemed like the perfect idea. So … [Read more...]

The Story Of Our Santa Lucia Celebration In Pictures

This year, we got invited to my sister-in-law's house for a St. Lucy day party after Mass, and I wanted to share the pictures with ya'll. You can find all of my resources for celebrating the feast day of St. Lucy here. We made a St. Lucy yarn doll Arriving at Aunt Teresa's house She made the girls St. Lucy crowns, and the boys star boy hats! My niece did the honors of passing out the … [Read more...]

Easy St. Lucy Buns Without Saffron (A Beginner’s Celebration!)

St. Lucy Day (also known as St. Lucia Day) is just around the corner on December 13! This is a fun feast day to celebrate when living the liturgical year at home, and I would love to show you today how to celebrate St. Lucy's feast day as a beginner, including how to bake easy saffron buns that are saffron free! You can also find all of my resources for celebrating the feast day of St. Lucy … [Read more...]

How To Celebrate Saint Feast Days With Kids

Years ago I set out on a journey to start living the Catholic faith at home and make it fun for my kids. I would later learn that this concept is called living the liturgical year at home. All this means is that we are celebrating holidays and holy days with our kids, but days from the church calendar rather than the secular calendar. I have a post all about how to get started living liturgically … [Read more...]

Beautiful Catholic Paper Dolls; Affordable and Printable!

Today, I wanted to share with you a beautiful resource for Catholic children- these absolutely charming paper dolls! They are printable, so they can make a great last minute Easter basket filler!  I love giving my children Catholic resources, but boy, it sure puts an extra smile on my face when it's Catholic resources that are so well done they rival the other materials out there. I … [Read more...]

Weaving The Catholic Faith Into Your Child’s Life

The most important thing to me in raising my children is that I instill a life-long faith of God in them. After a lot of thought and observation of other Catholic families, I came up with a theory about weaving the Catholic faith into the lives of my children. This concept of mine from years ago actually turned into a full liturgical ebook, Weaving The Faith! This is the perfect resource for … [Read more...]