Celebrating St. Lucy’s Feast Day With Kids- The Ultimate Resource List!

There are many traditional ways to celebrate St. Lucy’s (Santa Lucia’s) feast day, many of them originating from Scandinavia, especially Sweden. I love how much culture it opens us up to when we celebrate these awesome Catholic feast days! You’ll find everything you need to celebrate St. Lucy’s feast day right here from this one post. 🙂

celebrating st lucy's feast day- catholic kids

What Is St. Lucy’s Feast Day?

December 13 is the day that we remember St. Lucy. She was a virgin and a martyr, and she is traditionally pictured with a tray containing 2 eyes. This is because it is said that she had her eyes torn out through torture for being a christian, but through a miracle, she could still see. She is the patroness of the blind and of those with other eye ailments. Saint Lucy’s feast day is the day that we remember and celebrate this amazing Saint! Because her name is derived from the Latin word “lux” for “light”, her feast day is celebrated in Sweden as a festival of light. The popular song “Santa Lucia” is sung on this day to commemorate her. 

St. Lucy Bread

Saffron buns, also known as “Lussekatter,” are Swedish saffron buns that are traditionally made and eaten on St. Lucia’s feast dayI have made the traditional saffron buns and you can get my recipe (and feedback on whether or not saffron is worth it) here.

how to make saffron buns for santa lucia day

Recipe and picture tutorial here

saffron buns 20

Saffron Bun Alternatives

If you don’t want to spend the time making yeast rolls, or the money to buy saffron, and you’re looking for an easy way to make “St. Lucy Bread”, you can use canned cinnamon rolls. Unroll each cinnamon roll from a can and shape each one into a backwards “S” shape. (You can be extra fancy by getting the orange flavored cinnamon rolls- they’ll be colored a little more like real Saffron buns, and offer something a little different for this feast day.)

cinnamon roll saffron buns for st. lucy's feast day

Or you can even take the cinnamon rolls from a can and braid them into a St. Lucy crown.

Add birthday candles and even raisins for the full effect! You can see my whole post about how to do this here.

st. lucy bread during advent

We’ve served all different kinds of sweet bread on St. Lucia’s feast day, directly related to my available time and energy level for that year. You can also serve store-bought doughnut “crowns” with candles. My kids loved these!

st lucy day doughnut

St. Lucy Costume- Dressing Up For St. Lucy Day

On St. Lucia’s feast day in Sweden, the girls wear white dresses with red sashes, and wreaths with candles atop their heads. The white and red symbolize the pureness and martyrdom of St. Lucy. It is said that when bringing supplies to the Christians hiding in the catacombs, St. Lucy put a wreath of candles on her head so that both of her hands would be free to carry the supplies. This way she could carry more at a time! So on this day, traditionally the girls wear green wreaths with candles on their heads. We use fake candles- beware of fire hazards. 

santa lucia celebration

Our “supplies” differ somewhat from hers. 😉 Our St. Lucy cakes…

st lucy feast day sweet bread

In the picture, Lydia is wearing one of our tulle advent wreaths on her head. You can find directions to make your own here. It would be easy to make the pipe cleaner base bigger to accommodate an actual crown size.

st lucy feast day wreath for head

You can craft a simple head wreath with paper, staples, and faux leaves. We used tissue paper for the candle flames. This was very simple to put together.

how to make a paper st. lucy crown

Star Boy Costume For St. Lucy’s Feast Day

Boys can wear “star hats” (a cone shaped hat with a star on the top) and carry star wands. I would recommend making these with white poster board and gold glitter glue. 

A Song For St. Lucy’s Feast Day

What do Americans want to do when they stick candles in a dessert? Well, sing a song and then blow them out, of course! So it’s really handy for us that St. Lucy has a beautiful song to sing. 🙂

I finally made a sing a long version of the Saint Lucy song translated into English, so now your children can easily sing it. I also took it down a few keys so you don’t have to be able to sing so high. 



A Simple St. Lucy Song For The Littles (tune of “Are You Sleeping”)

O Saint Lucy, O Saint Lucy

Dressed in white, dressed in white

Lighting up the darkness, lighting up the darkness

Shining bright, shining bright!

Children’s Books For St. Lucy’s Feast Day

  • Lucia Saint of Light– this book is still in print, so affordable to own, but you can also listen to it for free here.
  • Kirsten’s Surprise– an American Girl book (I recommend that if you get any American Girl books, you buy them used because the new ones don’t have illustrations.)
  • Christmas Around The World– We have an older edition of this book, and on the Sweden pages, it tells the story of St. Lucy. It also tells about many other Christmas traditions, most of which are Catholic in origin. We like this book.
  • Lucia Morning In Sweden– I don’t have this one, but it’s on my wish list.

st lucy picture books for catholic kids

Crafts For St. Lucy’s Feast Day

You know us- we always like to celebrate with a craft! I find myself more and more partial to things that go together easily, like printable crafts, and I just so happen to have several of those for Santa Lucia day. 😉

st lucy feast day celebration

First, be sure to check out my Advent Saints pack. It includes this printable St. Lucy and Star Boy ornament. These are super cut and fun to put together! These can be printed in black in white, or in color.

saint lucy and star boy craft

If you’re looking for something that is a little easier (for younger kids) you’ll want to check out my Alphabet Saints pack. This St. Lucy comes in that pack, and she’s very easy to put together, even for the youngest crafter. These are also available in black and white or color. (Both Saint packs also include St. Nicholas)

saint lucy lucia craft- printable

How To Draw St. Lucy For Kids

I now have a video that will show your kids step by step how to draw St. Lucy! It is included in my free “How To Draw Advent Saints” video, so check that out here!

Free St. Lucy Coloring Pages (the easiest “craft” in the world) 😉


St. Lucy Toys

We are also peg doll obsessed (and the kids love them and play with them pretty much every day) and we have a St. Lucy peg doll from the exchange we did. Adding the Saints as you celebrate feast days is an excellent way to build (or start) your collection! 🙂 I would love to also have a star boy, but not sure what I would do about the hat…

st. lucy lucia catholic saint peg doll

St. Lucy Feast Day Tradition Ideas

  • Drive around with hot chocolate and look at Christmas lights! This is super fun for today since Lucy’s name means “light”
  • Sing the Santa Lucia song together
  • Bake saffron buns or sweet bread of some kind with your kids, or enjoy some doughnuts together
  • Dress up as St. Lucy and/or a star boy

Have Fun!

Above all, make sure that the kids have a fun time celebrating this feast day, and learn a little something about this Saint in the process. Don’t let stress about things being perfect ruin your good time. How easy it is for us moms to loose site of the end goal! 😉

st lucy's feast day celebration

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  1. What a lovely collection of ideas for celebrating St. Lucy. Thanks for sharing our coloring page too!

  2. I always love your ideas! Feel free to share mine…Something fun we do…I get candy eyeballs from halloween discount candy and give them to the kids. We also get chicken from the local POPEYES restaurant…we have a sick sense of humor POP-EYES!!!

  3. So excited to learn about the Hannah’s Christmas video. I too have been coveting that book but it is too expensive. Watching the story makes me want it even more!

    I’m visiting my kid’s schools this Friday to share our Lucia tradition. Here is how I explain the story to preschoolers: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MindfulStitching/about

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