The Story Of Our Santa Lucia Celebration In Pictures

This year, we got invited to my sister-in-law’s house for a St. Lucy day party after Mass, and I wanted to share the pictures with ya’ll. You can find all of my resources for celebrating the feast day of St. Lucy here.

2015 catholic icing kids on st lucy day

We made a St. Lucy yarn doll

2015 st. lucy yarn doll santa lucia

Arriving at Aunt Teresa’s house

2015 catholic icing st lucy celebration

She made the girls St. Lucy crowns, and the boys star boy hats!

2015 star boy hats and santa lucia crowns

My niece did the honors of passing out the Saffron buns

2015 st. lucy day celebration with kids

2015 saffron buns for santa lucia day

2015 passing out saffron buns

We enjoyed a lunch of Swedish meatballs, Swedish potatoes, and saffron buns.

2015 passing out santa lucia buns

Swedish potatoes

2015 sweedish potatoes for st. lucy day

2015 kids on st. lucy day

Watching Hannah’s Christmas

2015 watching hannah's christmas for st. lucy day

The kids left carrots and hay for St. Lucy’s horse, and St. Lucy left chocolates! 😉

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2015 hay for st. lucy's horses

Playing with the chickens at Aunt Teresa’s house

2015 playing with chickens

The costumes…

Lydia, age 9

2015 lydia as santa lucia

Julian, age 7

2015 julian as a star boy

Violet, age 5

2015 violet at st lucy

Anabelle, age 3

2015 anabelle on st lucy day

Violet with mommy 🙂

2015 violet and mommy

All the kids together, 2015

2015 kids dressed up for santa lucia day

More St. Lucy Feast Day Resources

I have a ton of resources and Swedish recipes, traditions, and even crafts for celebrating this Saint feast day, so find everything you need to celebrate St. Lucy day here!


  1. How sweet! Such adorable kiddos! Love the menu! And what a GREAT idea for a table center piece! 🙂

  2. Precious idea! We celebrated too!!

  3. I have never heard of Hannah’s Christmas…Where can you get that movie? Who makes it?

  4. I love this! Saving it for next year. My girls love this feast.

  5. What a cute family, thanks for sharing your day with us.

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