Beautiful Catholic Paper Dolls; Affordable and Printable!

Today, I wanted to share with you a beautiful resource for Catholic children- these absolutely charming paper dolls! They are printable, so they can make a great last minute Easter basket filler!

catholic paper dolls- printable
 I love giving my children Catholic resources, but boy, it sure puts an extra smile on my face when it’s Catholic resources that are so well done they rival the other materials out there. I would say these paper dolls rival Dover’s, and for anyone who is a fan of paper dolls, you know that’s saying something! All of the paper dolls you see in today’s post were drawn by Andrea, founder and owner of Stella Marigold Art.

Andrea clearly puts a lot of love into these paper dolls! I can’t even believe how Historically accurate the St. Therese set is. So many images I saw reminded me of photographs I’ve see of her! Check out how much this paper doll looks like St. Therese as a little girl.



And who has seen this famous picture of St. Therese dressed up as St. Joan of Arc? Well, Andrea created an outfit for that, too!

st. therese as st


Her outfits go all the way through the convent. Here’s another classic.

stella merigold art paper dolls- st


Seriously, she must have done so much research to make these. The set includes St. Therese’s dog, as well as many other symbols and trinkets of her childhood.

printable catholic paper doll

It also includes a First Communion outfit for her, making her a great option for a First Communion gift!

st. therese first holy communion paper doll

The St. Therese set is offered in several formats, and is super affordable!

We also printed a copy of the St. Cecilia paper doll. Lydia (my 9 year old) has a special devotion to St. Cecilia.

st. cecilia paper doll- printable

Lydia loves music, she loves to play the piano, and she has a book of the Saints with a beautiful picture of St. Cecilia that she’s always been drawn to. St. Cecilia is my confirmation Saint, so we do also have a picture of her hanging in our home. Lydia has been St. Cecilia for All Saints’ day twice.

all saints day costume; st. cecilia

And now, Lydia has a beautiful St. Cecilia paper doll. I love that she has the opportunity to play with one of her beloved Saints in this way- what a gift!

playing with paper dolls

st. cecilia playing the violin

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Playing with this doll (A) was cool enough for her brother to come over and join in and (B) prompted all kinds of sounds and instrument imitations from my kids!

play with catholic paper dolls

I love that she actually came with instruments that are so accurate! My kids have been taking a Classical music class this year, and they were imitating the actual instrument sounds. Here’s Julian “playing” the little paper violin while St. Cecilia dances.

playing with st

These dolls are so intricate and well done! This St. Cecilia doll is one of Andrea’s “articulated” dolls, which means the arms joints actually move. At first, I was really intimidated by these dolls, thinking they would be hard to cut out and assemble, but I was surprised by how simple it was. The ones that move don’t also have a million outfits, so it’s a lot less cutting than I thought it would be. I printed her on card stock, and connected her with tiny brads.

articulated paper doll

I was worried that she might be awkward to put together, but they came with great directions and I didn’t have any trouble at all. I also thought that mine might now coming out looking as nice as hers, but it totally did!

Her arms move just right to hold and “play” all of the amazingly detailed instruments she came with!

st. cecilia musical paper doll

Lydia has currently had several co-op lessons about the violin, so even though she doesn’t play, she still loves being able to act it out with the St. Cecilia doll. πŸ™‚ Lydia even got the opportunity to try playing a violin thanks to a friend of mine. And yes, there’s a baby in that carrier. My friend is talented in many areas. πŸ˜‰

child playing violin

This doll sparked her interest even more, and we ended up doing a lesson where we learned the parts of the violin, and the kids all drew one with the different pieces.

violins drawn by kids

I love how she actually has the crown of flowers that can go on her head! No detail is left unaccounted!

beautiful St. Cecilia paper doll

The pages also include charming little stories and tid bits about the lives of these Saints, which is just icing on the cake!

st. therese paper doll for catholic girls

They always say that to have a truly credible “review,” you need to think of at least 1 negative thing to say, so here goes: I wish Andrea had more sets of these! πŸ™‚ Here are the sets that she does have:

  • St. Therese Paper Doll
  • St. Cecilia Paper Doll
  • St. Lucy (Lucia) Paper Doll
  • St. Nicholas Paper Doll
  • St. Agnes Paper Doll
You’ll find all of my St. Therese resources for kids here.

She also has a really beautiful and complete Heidi set, and I can’t wait to utilize her St. Nicholas and St. Lucia paper dolls next Advent! Be sure to browse her Etsy shop for even more awesome printables for Catholic kids!

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Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post, but I was provided the paper dolls for free. All opinions are my own.


  1. This is the CUTEST thing ever – I remember playing with paper dolls for hours. Thank you for sharing her site.

  2. Did you print just the dolls on cardstock or the clothes too? She recommends using regular paper for the clothing, but I wondered how well that would hold up, and all the accessories would be better in cardstock. Of course, being that you can print out more than one, I guess I could just try one of each and see how it goes! πŸ™‚

    • I got the printed set of St. Therese, so they already came with cardstock Therese and paper clothes. The only one I printed so far was Cecilia, and I printed all of her and the instruments on cardstock. Some of the dover paper dolls I have are all on cardstock, even the clothes, which also works just fine. Sometimes I laminate the main paper doll to help it hold up better- you definitely do not want to laminate the clothes or they won’t be able to fold and wrap around the doll right. Hope this answers your questions! πŸ™‚

  3. Donna Miller says

    Wish you had posted a paper doll for a boy.

    • She does have a St. Nicholas paper doll. I only included a small picture and a blurb about him, but I’m going to be putting him in Julian’s Easter basket. πŸ™‚

  4. Oh my! I’m just humbled and thrilled by this review! Thank you so much, Lacy! I love seeing all the photographs (your children are just precious!) and I’m so happy to hear that the paper dolls have been fun, educational, and faith-building.

    One small note is that I’m not actually a mother myself, but I do love to provide materials for Catholic mothers! (I apologize for not making this detail clear in our email exchanges, Lacy)!

    Also, to reply to Donna Miller above, I do intend to make more paper dolls, including some male saints. I particularly have my eye on Saint Francis of Assisi, Blessed Miguel Pro, Saint Dominic Savio, and Saint Michael the Archangel. I work slowly (alas) but I will keep at it until I can make more paper dolls available.

  5. Oh, my, those are beautiful!!! I think I know what my Sunday School kids will be getting for St. Nick’s this year!

  6. These are just wonderful! Thank you so much for posting about them. I am excited about the prospect of more male figures as well πŸ™‚

  7. It looks like the paper dolls are no longer available? Do you happen to know if she changed her shop name or has a new website, by any wild chance?!

    • Hi Alison –

      I think some of the URLs might have changed for individual items, but it looks like she still has a couple of paper doll sections in her shop (the URL for that was near the top of this post):

      I hope you’re able to find the paper dolls that you’re looking for!

      Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager