10 Good Friday Traditions- Ideas For Observing This Day In Your Home

Good Friday is a very important day for Catholics. It's the day Jesus died on the cross for us and saved us from our sin. Not only is it an important day, it's a day of fasting, prayer, and mourning. Here are some simple ways to observe Good Friday in your home with your kids: Fast. This is required by the Catholic church if you're health and 18 years or older, but I also encourage my … [Read more...]

Choose a Patron Saint for the New Year

A few years ago online (I wish I could remember where) I read about a Catholic family's New Year's tradition to choose a new patron saint for their family each year. I thought this was a great idea! Choose a saint that you feel would be a good fit for your family- something relative to you. A few years ago, we chose St. Anthony because my family is hopelessly disorganized, and we constantly … [Read more...]

Weaving The Catholic Faith Into Your Child’s Life

The most important thing to me in raising my children is that I instill a life-long faith of God in them. After a lot of thought and observation of other Catholic families, I came up with a theory about weaving the Catholic faith into the lives of my children.     Here's my theory: If going to church is just one thing we do in a long list of things that we do, it can easily … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Pass on the Catholic Faith to Your Children

How do we pass on the Catholic faith to our kids? This is what we all want, right? Keep them Catholic? To raise little saints? But the really big question is, how do we accomplish that? Boy, if I had the foolproof way to answer these questions, I'd be the smartest person in the world. All we can do is our best. After all, God gave all of us free will, and our children will have to choose … [Read more...]

14 First Holy Communion Traditions

Check out all of my First Communion Resources for Kids here. Today, I'm kicking off a First Communion blog series- the First Communion Promenade! This week, me and several other bloggers are going to be sharing posts on the topic of First Communion, then on April 15, we will be hosting a blog link up together so everyone can share their posts about First Communion! I'm very excited. … [Read more...]

Surviving the Holidays- Celebrating Without Stress

We all have a lot going on, and the pressure to make the holidays merry and bright for everyone can become overwhelming to mothers very quickly. In 8 years of marriage, I have had 4 children, and lived in 10 different houses. Yes, that said 10. In fact, we just moved again 2 weeks ago. I have learned first hand how to pull off the holidays without melting down, even during transitional times. … [Read more...]

10 Meaningful Advent Traditions for Catholic Families with Little to No Prep Work!

The holiday season can be overwhelming. This year I have had a baby, had a husband in a live-in police academy, moved from Virginia to South Carolina, bought a house, and moved again. So no, I didn't have my pink and purple candles bought in time. So shoot me. ;-) We all have our stuff going on, but whether or not you started this Advent season out on the foot you wanted to, there's hope. We … [Read more...]

Epiphany House Blessing and a Linky

Today is the First Friday of the month, which means I'm hosting a Catholic linky- it's your turn to share! What have you been up to? Add your links at the end of this post. :-) As these 12 days of Christmas come to a close, I wanted to share some pictures of our Epiphany door blessing from last year. It's very easy to bless your house for the Epiphany, and you don't need a priest- you … [Read more...]