Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord – Bible Craft for Kids

Remember when I was doing my Christian song crafts series? Well, I did more things than I found time to post, and this fun craft was one of those extras. We made this craft based on Psalm 100:1 Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord all the Lands. I love this craft because it says "noise," kids are so noisy, and this is an awesome noisemaker craft. So much noise - joyful noise! Make a Joyful … [Read more...]

Reading The Bible As A Family: 5 Steps To Get Started

For years I wished that I read the Bible with my kids. And when I say Bible, I'm talking about the real Bible. There were even times that I felt like a phony for running this blog and still not being someone who actually read the Bible to my kids. Then, I figured out the secret to making Bible reading a normal occurrence in our house, and that is, to simply do it. That's right - Scripture … [Read more...]

How to Set Up a Home Altar: Catholic Home Altar Ideas

In continuing with our series Passing on the Catholic Faith to Your Kids, I wanted to touch on setting up a home altar. When I first heard the term home altar, I felt a little scared. I didn't know what I was doing, and the idea of setting up an official "altar" felt out-of-my-league. Sometimes home altars are also referred to as family altars, prayer tables, or altar tables. Don't let these names … [Read more...]

Duct Tape Shamrock Craft For St. Patrick’s Day

As the kids have gotten older, the kinds of crafts that we do have needed to shift. For instance, the pipe cleaner rosary has long since past lost its enchantment... ;-) So, I would like to introduce you to (drum roll please...) the DUCT TAPE SHAMROCK! :-D  Supplies Needed: Duct Tape Scissors Ruler (optional) Toothpicks (optional) I'm going to recommend this craft for … [Read more...]

A Trinity Song For St. Patrick’s Day

I'm trying something a little bit new today... Here we go... Ok, and for anyone who didn't care to watch the above video because videos aren't your thing, here it is in a nutshell... Many moons ago, I shared a video of a St. Patrick's Day song sung to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". And now that my kids are older, we are moving on up. lol. I shared this song below, Father I Adore … [Read more...]

Teach Catholic Kids About The Trinity- A New Book For St. Patrick’s Day

Well, I'm very excited to tell you that I wrote another book! I actually wrote it a few years ago (lol) and then life crashed and I never published it. It's meant to be the first in a series of which I have already started others. We will see how you guys like it as to whether or not the series continues... Click here to go over to the purchasing page So as my kids started getting a bit … [Read more...]

Lacy… Where Have You Been? What Happened?! Well…

Ok ok. So everyone keeps asking what's happened to me these last 2 years. And a lot of ya'll have been a part of my life for a long time... going on... 9 years now? Wow. That's almost a decade. So, I'm going to fill you in. I guess I'll just start by saying it outright. I'm divorced now. The divorce was final last month. The last several years have been really hard here for both me and the … [Read more...]

Easiest Cross Craft For Kids Ever

Hi everyone!!! Surprise, surprise, I'm still alive lol. I thought that as I'm getting back into the swing of posting here again, I would share something I did with the kids super recently. I didn't even intend to post these but they came out cuter than I expected them to. Also, cross crafts are super useful during the Lent and Easter seasons. :-) Supplies Needed For Cross Craft: Foam … [Read more...]

FINALLY! A Catholic Journaling Bible!!! Yay!!!

Well, it took long enough, but for those of you who haven't heard yet, There's finally a REAL Catholic Journaling Bible. Actually... there are 2 options. :-) First of all, I will say this is not a review. I don't own these Bibles. I have the NRSV Notetaker's Bible and it cost me like, more than $200 when I started bible journaling years ago. And now I'm stuck with it lol. Because I LOVE … [Read more...]

Our Lady Of Fatima Craft For Catholic Kids Of All Ages

So the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima is coming up this Saturday!!! Pope Francis is traveling to Fatima for the anniversary, and will even be canonizing blessed Francisco and Jacinta into sainthood! Very exciting!!! :-) Materials Needed: Printable 3D Our Lady Of Fatima Download Cardstock or Paper Scissors Tape Something to color with (if you choose to print in black … [Read more...]