Mary Magdalene And The Red Egg

Eggs are a long symbol for Christians at Easter, and for good reason! The outside resembles the rock of a tomb, and then new life springs forth as a baby bird! But did you know why we decorate eggs at Easter time?

mary magdalene and the red egg

It is said that Mary Magdalene met with Tiberius Caesar after Jesus’ resurrection, and she was carrying an egg. She proclaimed to him “Christ has Risen!” He scoffed at her and told her that was as unlikely as the egg in her hand turning red. Then a miracle happened- the egg immediately turned red right there in her hand!

So as you’re dying eggs and having Easter egg hunts this year, remember where this great tradition started. Make Easter about the Lamb, not the bunny! :-)

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Story Of The Passion Lunch- Symbolic Lunch For Good Friday

I designed this Good Friday scripture lunch to tell the story of the Passion to kids. They receive one food at a time, and each is symbolic to a part of the Easter story. After receiving each item, there is scripture to read that goes with it.

easter story lunch for Good Friday

This is very simple to put together. The most complicated thing is making the crown of thorns, and actually boiling the eggs. Nothing too crazy for a busy mom to pull off. ;-)

Shopping List:

  • Olives
  • Peppermint Patties (These are for Judas’ “silver”, so if you want to wrap something else in silver foil, that would work as well.)
  • Hershey’s Kisses (for the “kiss” from Judas) I got the dark chocolate ones because they are purple, the color of Lent.
  • Cheese cubes (we sliced up cheese sticks)
  • Plastic Cocktail Swords (depending on how many boys you have, you might find enough plastic swords among your action figures that you don’t need the cocktail swords)
  • Eggs (and then hard-boil them)
  • Ritz Crackers
  • Peanut Butter
  • Regular Pretzels
  • Big Pretzel Rods
  • Salt and Vinegar Chips

The meal is also served with a glass of water.

Setting Up The Meal- Put each type of food on a different plate, and set them up in the middle of the table like serving dishes, including the glasses of water. Everyone will begin with an empty plate. When it’s time for a certain food, you pass that plate around and everyone takes one of the items. As the plate goes around, you read your kids the scripture that goes with that food. (You’ll be eating when everyone else is finished- lol.)

Before beginning, put 3 bookmaks in your Bible: On in Luke chapter 22, one in John chapter 19, and one in Matthew chapter 27. (I really tried not to skip around too much, but not all the Gospels have all the different parts represented, so this was the best I could do.)

scripture lunch for Good Friday- great for Lent

I think it’s best to read the scripture straight from the Bible to your kids so they see where it’s coming from. We read our scriptures from my giant wedding Bible as we went.

easter story lunch for kids- great for good Friday!

Begin by explaining to everyone that each part of the lunch stands for a piece of our Lord’s Passion, and we’ll receive each item while listening to the scripture. Tell them if they don’t like something, they may quietly (and politely) set it to the side, but not to disrupt the readings for everyone else by making a big deal out of it. Tell them they will receive their water at the appropriate time, and if they are thirsty that it is an extra Good Friday sacrifice to wait patiently for their water. If they receive any food that they have given up for Lent, they may also make the sacrifice of placing it to the side rather than eating it.

Olives- these are symbolic of Jesus’ agony in the garden (at the Mount of Olives). Scripture- Luke 22: 39-46

easter story lunch- agony in the garden

Hershey’s Kiss- this is symbolic of the kiss of Judas. Scripture- Luke 22: 47-48

easter story lunch- judas' kiss

Sword With Cheese- To stand for Jesus’ arrest. Scripture- Luke 22: 49-54

easter story lunch- arrest of Jesus

Hard-Boiled Egg- symbolic of Peter’s denial. (Yes, I know that cocks don’t lay eggs, but we can’t eat chicken on Good Friday, and this meal needed a little protein.) Scripture- Luke 22: 55-62

easter story lunch- peter's cock crowing

Silver Peppermint Patty- Judas’ 30 pieces of silver. Scripture- Matthew 27: 3-8

easter story lunch- judas' silver

Ritz cracker with peanut butter and broken pretzel bits around the edge- symbolic of the crown of thorns placed on Jesus’ head. Scripture- John 19: 1-3

easter story lunch- crown of thorns

Water- for when Pilate washes his hands. Scripture- Matthew 27: 22-25

passion symbols lunch- water for pilate washes his hands

Pretzel Rod Cross- symbolic of the crucifixion. Scripture- John 19: 17- 19

easter story lunch- crucifixion

Salt and Vinegar Chips- for when they offered Jesus vinegar to drink. Scripture- John 19: 28-30

easter story lunch- vinegar

Have a moment of silence after announcing the death of Jesus for everyone to reflect.

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scripture lunch to teach the Easter story on Good Friday

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Crown Of Thorns Bread

Baking a crown of thorns out of bread is fun and easy. It’s great for serving with dinner on Ash Wednesday or Good Friday.

crown of thorns bread how to

You do not have to make homemade bread to do this! You can just get the Pillsbury breadsticks from a can and put them together the way I do the cinnamon rolls for St. Lucy bread.

Ingredients Needed:

  • Bread dough (your favorite recipe or Pillsbury breadsticks from a can)
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • 1 egg

Make your favorite bread dough recipe, separate into 3 equal pieces, and roll into 3 ropes.

how to braid bread

Braid the dough together, and shape into a circle. Pinch together at the end. Don’t worry- it seriously doesn’t have to be perfect.

braided wreath bread

Beat one egg, and brush across the top of the bread.

braided bread

Bake according to dough directions.

how to bake a crown of thorns bread

Once it’s all baked, stick pretzel stick in the bread all over to be the “thorns”, poking out at different angles. They will easily go into the bread while it is still warm.

crown of thorns bread

crown of thorns bread how to

This is great to serve with meatless soup on Ash Wednesday or Good Friday. We served ours with pea soup.

good Friday or Ash Wednesday dinner

Just slice off pieces of the bread and serve.

eating crown of thorns bread

eating crown of thorn bread

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10 Things To Do With Palms From Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday brings out the crafter in every Catholic. It seems that everyone has something different to do with them.

what to do with palms from palm sunday

I wanted to share with you 10 different things we like to do with our palms we get at Palm Sunday Mass.

10 things to do with palms for Palm Sunday

We’ll start with palm basics:

  • When you get them at church, they are green and bendable. This is when they’re prime pickin’ for crafts. Once they’re dry, that’s it- you can’t shape them anymore.
  • The palms are blessed, so when you’re done with them, you can’t put them in the trash. To properly dispose of the palms, they need to be burned, then the ashed returned to the ground.
  • What looks like 1 palm is generally 2. They split right apart (as shown below). For some folds, you leave them together at the bottom, for others you split them apart, and can basically can make 2 different things out of the same palm.

how to split palm branches

Well, lets start with the simplest option. If you bring them home straight, you can actually put them in a vase just like flowers. They will stay green and fresh in the vase for as long as cut flowers will. This way you can enjoy them for awhile in their true palm form, and still make something out of them later in the week.

put palms in a vase

In their straight form, you can use them to decorate. We have a wooden cross that stays out year round, but has different decorations on it for different days of the year. You can put a red cloth and palms on it for Palm Sunday.

decorating for Palm Sunday

You can cut up your palms and make a banner that says “Hosanna!” for Palm Sunday.

make a hosanna banner for palm sunday out of palms

You can, of course, fold your palm into a cross. This is a classic. This can be done very quickly. I like to do this to our palms as soon as we arrive at Mass so that the kids don’t wave giant palms around, hitting people in the head during Mass. The crosses are a lot more manageable. ;-) You can get them to dry out nice and flat by placing them under a book for a few days (think pressed flower).

make a palm cross for palm sunday

You can also make them into palm roses. I only learned how to make these palm rosettes a few years ago, and it is just as fast and easy as the crosses. They’re small, cute, and it’s a little bit of different, which I like.

palm rose for palm sunday

You can make an awesome palm spiral! These are really beautiful and different.

how to make a palm spiral from palm sunday palms

You can also fold them like a paper spring.

palm folded like a paper spring

If you take one of the palms that isn’t separated yet (so it still has 2 sides) you can make a heart. Split each side down the middle using your fingernail (4 pieces total still connected at the bottom) and make fold one of the “paper springs” on each side. Tie the palms together at the top to make a heart shape. Allow it to dry out laying flat in a heart shape.

palm sunday heart

My Nana is famous for folding her palms like we used to weave that plastic gimp string as kids. (You remember- we would make them into zipper pulls and key chains? If you don’t remember, that just means you weren’t a child of the 90′s.) This is another one that requires you to have a palm that is still attached, and you split each one making 4 attached pieces. Then it weaves together. (video on how to do this here)

palm sunday palm craft

You can also split the palm into 3 strips (but not quite all the way!) and braid the strands together. Tie a knot at the end.

braid a palm sunday palm

After we’ve folded our palms into this or that, we like to put them around the house. Some of them end up on our family altar from time to time, in the window, or other places, but a lot of times they end up peeking out of the corners of the pictures hanging in our home. This always seemed to happen at my mom’s house, and it continues here.

where palm sunday palms end up

We also find other creative places to tuck them around our home.

what to do with palms

So enjoy your palms this Palm Sunday! And remember, when they dry, hang around your house for a year, and start to look like this…

what happens to palm sunday palms in the end

Don’t throw them in the trash! They need to be burned. :-)

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