Celebrating Martinmas- The Feast Day Of St. Martin

The Feast day of St. Martin of Tours happens each year on November 11, and if often referred to as "Martinmas". I don't know about you, but I just love when these feast days have their own name!  This is a really big celebration in many areas of the world, especially Germany! Horseshoe shaped cakes are not the only tradition to celebrate this beautiful feast day, so let's take a look today at … [Read more...]

St. Martin de Porres Resources For Kids (Crafts, Printables, More!)

Saint Martin de Porres is an amazing Saint and a fantastic feast day to celebrate with your family! The feast day of St. Martin de Porres happens every year on November 3. Also, the month of November is Black Catholic History Awareness Month! So celebrating the feast day of this amazing Saint would be a great way to kick that off. Today, let's look at some St. Martin de Porres resources for kids … [Read more...]

Saint Feast Day In November (And Other Days To Celebrate With Kids!)

I love coming up with fun and creative ways to celebrate the church year with kids, and November is full of fun Saint feast days to celebrate! Some of these feast days include All Saints' Day, St. Martin de Porres, St. Cecilia, Martinmas, and generally, the beginning of Advent! The month of November is also dedicated to the souls of the faithful departed, and November is black Catholic History … [Read more...]

Free Printable Nativity Craft For Kids

Displaying a nativity set at Christmas time is one of the best ways to remember that Jesus is the reason for the season! My mom always displayed many nativity sets around our house during Advent and Christmas, and I wanted to make sure that every single home has the ability to have a nativity set displayed. This is why I have this FREE diy printable nativity set! Kids also tend to love what they … [Read more...]

Black Catholic History Awareness Month (Books And Resources)

Did you know that the month of November is Black Catholic History Awareness Month? Because I didn't! But it's always great to learn something new! I am so happy to have an opportunity to shine a spotlight on some very amazing black Catholics including Saints, Venerables, and even Mary apparitions. You can find all my resources on November feast days here. Let's take a look at how we can observe … [Read more...]

How To Celebrate All Saints’ Day At Home

I know that many parishes aren't having the annual All Saints' Day celebrations that they usually do out of safety concerns, but that doesn't mean you can't have a fun celebration at home! Today I want to share with you all of my best ideas for celebrating All Saints' Day at home. I hope you find these ideas fun for kids, and stress free for mom! Not let's take a look at how to celebrate All … [Read more...]

All Saints’ Day Goody Bags (Perfect For Social Distancing)

All Saints' Day is one of our favorite days to celebrate when living the liturgical year at home, but like many things this year, COVID 19 has changed the face of what our celebrating is going to look like. In lieu of church carnivals and celebrations this year, my family has opted for an at home All Saints' Day tea party, and some printable All Saints' Day games. But how can we celebrate and … [Read more...]

Shopping For Symbolic Saint Foods (Healthy Options Included!)

For All Saints' Day each year, I like to serve fun snacks for kids that symbolize a part of different Saint stories. We love to make a tea party out of it! This list is meant to make shopping for symbolic Saint food easier for you! I hope these links make it easier to find what you're looking for. :-) You can find my Saint Food Labels that these foods go with here. A lot of the things I have … [Read more...]

Easy Symbolic Party Food For All Saints’ Day

I am so excited to present to you today these adorable Saint food labels for turning simple foods into Saint symbols for your All Saints' Day party! The Saint food labels let you turn read to eat food into a learning tool and a cute party food without you needing to cook, create labels, or even explain what your food means. *smile* What a fun and easy way to teach your children about the faith! … [Read more...]

Best Saint Books For Kids (My Favorites!)

When you're first starting out building your Catholic children's library, it can feel very overwhelming, and quite frankly... expensive!!! My official recommendation is not to freak out- just start your home liturgical library with a good children's bible and a Saint story treasury. Having these 2 things will take you a long way in teaching your children the faith at home. You can find all of my … [Read more...]