Great Lent Meal Plan (Free Printable Plan With Shopping Lists!)

Lenten meals can be hard to plan, especially for Eastern Catholics that fast from so many things during the season! While Roman Catholics abstain from meat (not fish) on Fridays during Lent, Eastern Catholics have a lot more items they fast from, and for all the days of Lent, not just Fridays. You can read 6 Ways Byzantine Lent is different from Roman Catholic Lent here. Now let's take a look at … [Read more...]

Stations Of The Cross 101- Everything You Need To Know

The Stations of the Cross are a popular Catholic devotion that you will find in Catholic churches around the world. They are comprised of 14 things that happened to Jesus from his arrest to his body being placed in the tomb. In the past, this practice has also been known as “Via Crucis,” or “Way of the Cross”.  Today, let's take a look at the Stations of the Cross, how this devotion started, … [Read more...]

6 Ways Byzantine Catholic Lent is Different From Roman Catholic Lent

All Catholics have many customs and traditions for observing the season of Lent, but some of them differ between the different Rites of Catholicism. If you're not sure what Byzantine Catholics are, you can read an intro to Eastern Catholics here, and these Rites of Catholicism are in full communion with Rome. Today we are going to look at some of the main differences between the Eastern Catholic … [Read more...]

Catholic Prayer For Ukraine (And Free Prayer Printables!)

Ukraine is in need of prayers and help right now in light of the current war, and this free printable prayer pack was created as a way to help facilitate families to easily pray for Ukraine. If you display these printables in your home, or keep the prayer card in a place you see it each day, it can prompt you to pray for the people of Ukraine often. So let's take a look at the Catholic prayer for … [Read more...]

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Dedications (And Some History)

The world is crying for Ukraine right now as war has broken out by the attacks from Russia. Although Ukraine is largely an Orthodox Christian country, there is a significant Catholic population there, or more specifically, the Ukranian Greek Catholic Church. This is a part of the Eastern Catholic Church, and you can read our article on Eastern Catholics 101 here. This is especially horrible for … [Read more...]

Eastern Catholics 101: What You Need To Know

Did you know that Roman Catholics aren’t the only type of Catholics? Many Catholics are surprised to learn this! There are some Catholics who have practices and traditions that look very different from what Roman Catholics would recognize as familiar. Who are they, and where did they come from? Let's take a look at Roman Catholics vs. Eastern Catholics; what they have in common, what's different, … [Read more...]

Printable Bee Valentine Clip Cards (Free!)

Count and Clip cards are a great way to let preschoolers practice their counting, and these ones are a great way to also celebrate St. Valentine's Day! I thought the little bees for St. Valentine were especially perfect since St. Valentine is the patron Saint of beekeepers. This free download is perfect to print and play as a Montisori type activity with your littles. You can find all of my ideas … [Read more...]

Catholic Mom Bundle (Lent 2022)

The new Catholic Mom Bundle for Lent 2022 is going live on Monday, February 7! Come back here to get yours then :-) If there's anything y'all know about me, it's that I love a good deal, and I know you do too! I am so excited to share this new Catholic Mom Bundle with you for Lent of 2022, and the value is going to blow your socks off! And guess what?! You will totally find a Catholic Icing … [Read more...]

Resources For Byzantine Moms

This is going to be a place where Eastern Catholics can easily locate these resources in one central place. So if you're looking for Resources for Byzantine moms living the liturgical year with your kids, you're in the right place! While Catholic Icing has historically provided resources mostly for Roman Catholics, Carrie Chuff joined the writing team here, and she is a Byzantine Rite … [Read more...]

Printable Lenten Calendar 2022

This Lenten calendar is an amazing way to count down the days of Lent with even the smallest children! They can see the 40 days pass by and see Easter approaching! The whole thing fits on just one page, so you can easily print them for an entire classroom! This is the perfect way to help your children understand the true meaning of Lent and keep their Lenten sacrifices on track. Let's take a look … [Read more...]