Saint Feast Days In September (And Other Days To Celebrate With Kids!)

I love coming up with fun and creative ways to celebrate the church year with kids, and September is full of fun Saint feast days to celebrate! Some of these feast days include Michaelmas (the feast of the archangels), the Nativity of Mary, and the feast day of St. Mother Teresa! The month of September is also dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows. Now let’s look at these highlights of fun September Saint feast days to celebrate with links to crafts, food, and activities to help you celebrate! 

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When you’re starting to teach your kids about the lives of the Saints, I suggest starting with a Saint picture book treasury that includes a lot of short stories you can read together. This will give you a good starting place and then you can add to your library of Saint books over the years. I think this Picture Book Of Saints is a good beginning Saint book for Catholic families. I will mark the Saints below that have stories from this book. You can find all of my favorite Saint books for kids here.

I also recommend having a good children’s Bible available to read from, as it will also include many stories of the Saints. You can see my post with my favorite Catholic children’s bibles here, but my family absolutely loves The Jesus Storybook Bible.

September Saint Feast Days To Celebrate

This list does not include Saints for every single day of September, but some highlights that are good for kids. 

September 3- St. Gregory The Great

  • Doctor of the Church
  • Gregorian chant is named after him 
  • Patron of choirs and singers 
  • Saint Gregory The Great’s story is found on page 22 of Picture Book Of Saints

You can get a beautiful St. Gregory coloring page for free from the Catholic Playground. She actually has 2 different choices!

I also absolutely love paper dolls from Stella Marigold Art, and she has a St. Gregory pack for just $2!

September 5- St. Teresa of Calcutta’s Feast Day (Mother Teresa) 

  • Nun and missionary
  • Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 
  • Saint Teresa of Calcutta’s story is found on page 130 of Picture Book Of Saints

You can find all of my resources for celebrating Mother Teresa with kids here.


September 8- Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

  • Nativity means when Mary was born, so this is the birthday of Mary the mother of Jesus

There are so many ways to celebrate the Nativity of Mary with kids, and who doesn’t love birthdays? Find all of my resources for celebrating the Nativity of Mary with kids here.

September 12- Feast of the Most Holy Name Of Mary 

The month of September is so full of great Marian feast days, and the 12 is a super fun day devoted to the Most Holy Name of Mary! Anything making the name of Mary would be perfect for celebrating this day! The Tucker Bunch posted about celebrating the Most Holy Name of Mary with a craft and a dessert idea. 

You could also follow along with my how to draw video for how to draw a Marian symbol. So perfect for this feast day!

Also, this printable Mary statue craft is good for all kinds of Mary feast days, and it’s free to print! Get yours now.

September 14- Exaltation of the Holy Cross

When living the liturgical year at home, celebrating the exaltation of the holy cross with kids is a fun feast day to keep in mind! The cross image lends itself to all kinds of fun crafts and activities, and this is also a great time to talk to kids about what exalting something really means. You can find all of my resources for celebrating the exaltation of the cross with kids here including crafts, printables, recipes, and more!

September 15- Our Lady Of Sorrows

Although this is also the monthly dedication for all of September, the 15 is the specific feast day for Our Lady Of Sorrows. You can find all of my Our Lady Of Sorrows resources for kids here.

September 17- St. Robert Bellarmine’s Feast Day

  • Cardinal 
  • Patron Saint of Catechists
  • Saint Robert Bellarmine’s story is found on page 42 of Picture Book Of Saints

September 21- St. Matthew’s Feast Day

  • Apostle
  • Gospel writer
  • Patron Saint of bankers and financial workers 
  • Saint Matthew’s story is found on page 86 of Picture Book Of Saints

Here is an adorable children’s video about Jesus calling St. Matthew to be his follower. I love the Saddleback Kids videos! 

This Four Gospels Hand and Foot Art Project would be fun to work on to celebrate the feast day of Saint Matthew.

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September 23- St. Padre Pio’s Feast Day

You can find all of my resources for celebrating the feast of St. Padre Pio with kids here.

September 27- St. Vincent de Paul’s Feast Day

  • Priest
  • Founded the Daughters of Charity
  • Provided much help to the poor
  • Saint Vincent de Paul’s story is found on page 63 of Picture Book Of Saints

September 28- St. Lawrence Ruiz’s Feast Day

  • Filipino and Chinese
  • Spoke Chinese, Tagalog, and Spanish
  • Altar boy
  • Martyr
  • Saint Lawrence Ruiz’s story is found on page 138 of Picture Book Of Saints

September 29- Michaelmas! (The feast of the archangels Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael) 

Did you know that the feast of the archangels is often referred to as Michaelmas (which is prounced like “nickel”-mas). There are so many rich feast day traditions for this day, so definitely check out my full post on how to celebrate the feast of the Archangels with kids here.

September 30- St. Jerome’s Feast Day

  • Priest
  • Pulled a thorn from a lion’s paw
  • Saint Jerome’s story is found on page 89 of Picture Book Of Saints


If you’re trying to plan a Saint feast day celebration with kids and you didn’t see it here, you will want to check out my post about how to celebrate any Saint feast day. It takes you through my process of looking at their lives to choose an activity for kids, and it links to generic resources that will help you to celebrate any Saint. So no more being sad if you can’t find specific resources for your child’s namesake Saint! 🙂 

Printable Liturgical Planning Book

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September Monthly Catholic Dedication- Our Lady Of Sorrows 

Each month has a special Catholic dedication, and the month of September is dedicated to Our Lady Of Sorrows! There are so many good crafts, activities, and snack ideas for kids the go along with this monthly devotion. You can find my full round up of ideas for Our Lady Of Sorrows here. 


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PLAN AHEAD! Don’t Miss Early October Feast Days:

The very first day of October is the feast day of St. Therese, and October 2 is the feast day of the guardian angels! October 4 is also the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, and these are all really fun feast days to celebrate with kids, so I like to include the planning of these in with my September planning so I don’t miss them. Just a heads up for your planning! You can find all the resources you need for the month of October here. 

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      Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager

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    Hi there, just wanted to comment that “Lawrence” Ruiz is actually LORENZO Ruiz, not Lawrence Ruiz. It’s really important that we address him with his given name and not an equivalent of it (e.g. John instead of Juan).