St. Francis of Assisi Crafts for Catholic Kids

There are so many fun ways to learn about St. Francis of Assisi, and his feast day is coming up on October 4! He is the patron saint of animals, so you usually see him depicted being flocked by birds and petting a deer. Here are some cute ideas for celebrating his feast day!
Find this St. Francis Spoon Doll on By Sun and Candlelight.
Ever heard of a Tonsure? It’s the name of the haircut that
Franciscans have where part of their head is shaved.
St. Francis has a Tonsure. Now check out this Tonsure Cake!!!
Isn’t it funny?! I LOVE it! Compliments of Under Her Starry Mantle.


Find this St. Francis Coloring Page on Relevant Radio.


How adorable are these St. Francis bird houses?
Cottage Blessings gets credit for this adorable craft!


Make these Bird Seed Cookies for St. Francis’ friends!
find the directions on Let’s Explore.


Or an Animal Stained Glass Craft with In a Nutshell.


I love this little St. Francis Craft from Sweetness and Light!


I’m really swamped right now, so we’ll probably just crack open a bag of animal crackers for this year. If you guys do anything cool, send me pictures! I love your pictures!


  1. welcome to our wonderland says

    great crafts we picked up our books from the library so we are ready. Our church is doing its first ever blessing of the animals and I think we are going to go to that, my girls are very excited 🙂

  2. Really neat ideas! Love the bird houses. Thanks for all you do, busy and all.

  3. Thanks for sharing my link!!

  4. Teehee…I love the cake idea! 🙂

  5. Arlene Ramos says


    I have written a children’s book, in which I make reference to a St. Francis of Assisi bird bath. I would like to use the above image, captioned “St. Francis Coloring Page” in the book. May I have your permission to use this image? I would be so grateful. Can you please reply to me as soon as possible at Thank you so much.

    • These aren’t my images to give permission for. You’d have to contact the people who they belong to. Find the original sites in the links.

  6. I am happy that I have such a happy saint in my life.Our church is happy becouse all of our saints are protecting us and guiding us were ever we go.Dear god my life is hard can you please help and make it more easy?

    love the gentiles

  7. Teresa Richard says

    I teach Kindergarten at St. Mary school in Westfield, MA. I love your your ideas and crafts for the children. Thank you,


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