Liturgical Calendar; Printable Craft For Catholic Kids!

A long time ago we made a Liturgical wheel craft that was featured in my book, Catholic ABC’s. I finally (4 years later) got around to making a printable Liturgical wheel to make all of your lives easier! It spins to reveal different Liturgical seasons, so you can hang it and spin it to the current liturgical season. Check it out!

printable liturgical season wheel that spinsEach season that is revealed has a symbol to represent the Liturgical season. Aren’t the little pictures adorable?! They are from Bernadette Dubois, an amazing artist that has been doing some work for me!

*UPDATE* The misspelling of the word “Penance” has now been fixed in the downloadable file, but no way am I printing, coloring, and photographing new ones for this post. Situations like these are how God keeps me humble. 😉

liturgical calendar craft- spinning liturgical season wheel- printable

While the bottom slice spins to reveal a picture and a word or 2 about that Liturgical season, the top window rotates to tell the name of the season.

liturgical season calendar craft reveal liturgical season

The download of this includes 2 versions: 1 in black and white and 2 different versions in color. If kids are making their own, you print it in black and white so they can color and personalize it themselves.

liturgical calendar coloring

My kids had a lot of fun coloring these! I couldn’t believe how long it kept them busy!

coloring liturgical calendar

liturgical wheel craft for catholic kids

printable liturgical calendar for catholic kids

When you’re finished, cut them out with scissors.

cutting liturgical wheel

For the view-finder hole, we cut it out using an exacto knife. The kids did this under my close supervision.

cutting with exacto blade

To assemble, connect with a brad (paper fastener) in the middle. There are circles to indicate where they go. If you don’t have any brads, you can use a small piece of pipe cleaner. Just stick it through, and pinch it over on itself to hold the circles together, but so they can still spin. My kids decided to decorate the front of their wheels with their own pictures. Julian drew some of the Liturgical objects from the wheel. (Lenten cross, Advent wreath, Jesus in a manger, and priest in a green vestments)

liturgical season wheel

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liturgical wheel for kids

Lydia decorated the front of hers with 4 trees to represent Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall.

printable liturgical wheel craft 2

my liturgical season wheel

If you just need one in color to assemble for your classroom or home and you’re not in the mood to play with crayons, just print it already colored in. I have 2 colored versions available in color- one with colored pencils and one with watercolors. They’re different. The very first picture in this post shows the first colored version, and the picture below shows the second option.

printable liturgical wheel calendar for kids

I also laminated ours. Everything is so nice when it’s laminated! We have a scotch thermal laminator, and I love it!

my liturgical season wheel laminated

You can download this printable Liturgical wheel craft now for just $2!

Add to Cart

*UPDATE* The misspelling of the word “Penance” has now been fixed in the downloadable file, but no way am I printing, coloring, and photographing new ones for this post. Situations like these are how God keeps me humble. 😉
liturgical calendar spinning wheel

Trust me, for as long as it took (and I’m talking hours upon hours) to get everything for this wheel to line up exactly right, $2 is a great value for this download! I also just love Bernadette’s artwork I commissioned for this. When you pay to download this, you can print enough for all your kids, and/or your whole CCD class. Remember that you cannot send the download to anyone else, or share with others in any way. Your friends need to purchase their own. 🙂

I love all the personalized decorating that the blank ones lend themselves to. I had to coach the kids a little bit in the beginning on what colors the different Liturgical seasons are, but I let their imaginations do the rest. Very cute!

liturgical calendar craft for catholic kids

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  1. This is great Lacy! What a great thing to hang up in the house to use for those little teaching moments. The Liturgical Seasons are so special and something that sets the Catholic Church apart from others. I’m going to send a link to our PSR teachers…I think a few of them could really use this in class! Thank you!

  2. Shannon @ Distracted by Prayer says

    I love your ideas because they are all so easy adapted to different occasions and holidays. Thanks for all the hard work!

  3. I’m so excited to use it this weekend. Keep the wonderful products coming. Thanks Lacey!

    <3 jeni

  4. I just purchased this to use with 7 kids at co-op. Am I allowed to use them with 3 of my other kids at home too? I have so much Catholic guilt and I don’t want to cheat you! Thanks for all that you do!

  5. It won’t let me download to print even after I paid how do I get it to work?

    • Monica – You’ll need to use the information on the “Contact” page to drop me an email about it, since I can’t address individual download issues in the comments section. I’m happy to help you via email, however, and make sure that you get your download link. 🙂

      In the meantime, also be sure to check your spam folder for the email that you would have received with the download link.


      Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager

  6. Laura McCarron says

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    • Hi Laura –

      Can you check your spam or junk folder? I received the email from you on February 8th and then had the system send your order email again plus sent you a personal email about it on February 9th. I’ll send both through again, but I’m putting this all here because it seems like you’re not receiving the emails from us and I’m hoping you’ll check back and see this.

      Angie, Catholic Icing Business Manager