How To Celebrate Michaelmas – The Feast Day Of St. Michael

Catholic families that live the liturgical year at home look forward to celebrating the feast of St. Michael and the Archangels on September 29! Much like the feast days “Christmas” or “Candlemas”, the name comes from pushing the main word… Michael… into the word “mass”. Henceforth, Michaelmas (pronounced “mick-el-miss”, like nickels, but with an “M”). Today, I would like to share with you some ideas and activities to celebrating Michaelmas with your Catholic kids, but first, I want to share a little bit about this day with you.

Who Are The Archangels?

Other traditions celebrate different numbers of archangels, but as Catholics, we celebrate the 3 mentioned in the Bible by name. These are St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael. Saint Michael is known for fighting Satan and casting him into Hell. Saint Gabriel is known in the bible for appearing to Mary at the annunciation to tell her that she was going to have baby Jesus. Saint Raphael is known for being a healer, and is mentioned in the book of Tobit.

Why Do We Call Archangels Saints?

Well a “Saint” is just someone that is in heaven with Jesus, and the Archangels are.

How Can We Celebrate The Feast Of The Archangels With Catholic Kids?

As I explain in my article on living the liturgical year at home, to live liturgically is to live seasonally. Often, these feast days are traditionally connected to seasonal foods and activities, as is Michaelmas. Pick some festivities that appeal to you and your family. This could include prayers, special foods, songs, crafts, or other celebrations. There is no magic formula. Find plenty of ideas below!

Feast Day Food Ideas For Michaelmas

  • Michaelmas Bannock (a traditional feast day bread) Try this recipe from House Of Joyful Noise if you are looking for a St. Michael Bannock recipe that is easy to make and utilizes ingredients you probably already have in your home.
  • Devil’s food cake or deviled eggs- it is said that the devil fell from heaven on this day as Michael battled him there. For extra fun, poke cocktail swords into either of these treats, or even little toy swords from your action figures. I know you have some! haha
  • Michaelmas Blackberry Pie– part of the legend is that when Lucifer (Satan) fell from heaven, he landed in a blackberry bush and spit on the berries to curse them and make them sour. So now, we eat all the blackberries before he has a chance to do this, which is by September 29. There are a mix of legends about this. Include blackberry pie, crumble, smoothies, or any of your favorite blackberry recipes for this feast day. It can be extra fun to serve them atop angel food cake as well.
  • Carrots and other autumn foods are traditional for this feast day, and Haley explains why over on Carrots For Michaelmas.
  • Goose is traditional to cook and eat on this day. In our modern day, I could see substituting chicken or Cornish hens.

Saint Michael And The Archangels Craft Ideas For Catholic Kids

  • I have a brand new St. Michael And The Archangels Craft Pack that includes coloring pages, stand up crafts, and holy cards for all 3 Archangels! You do not want to miss this pack. Be sure to check it out!
  • In my Alphabet Saint set for kids, a St. Michael craft is included for the letter M.
  • Make a St. Michael paper bag puppet! I don’t fully understand why kids like paper bag puppets so much, but they certainly do! My Saint Puppet Ebook has templates to help you create virtually any Saint that will fit perfectly on your lunch sac paper bags.
  • Try this Saint Information Fill In Page for older kids. This is a great way to learn about the Saints!
  • Jen over at Faith and Fabric has a really cute St. Michael stuffy your kids can sew, along with more feast day ideas.
  • These 3 Archangel coloring pages are free to print from Catholic Sistas and super cute.

Saint Michael The Archangel Books For Kids

Reading is a great thing to do for feast days! It helps you actually learn about the meaning of the day, it doesn’t take too much extra work for mom, and books stay around your house to utilize year after year.

For the St. Michael story, I highly highly recommend the Catholic Treasure Box Book 18. These books are such a beautiful and amazing resource for Catholic kids, you really should have them all. Because the covers are plain and they’re not well labeled, it’s hard to know when to bring them out. Book 18 is all about the angels, the fall, the battle between Michael and Lucifer, free will, and more! Beautifully explained for children.

Not to overlook the obvious, you can also about all 3 Archangels straight from your Bible.

Saint Michael Prayer For Kids

St. Michael printable prayer cards- these are free to print, include beautiful artwork, and have the whole prayer on them. Of course it would be great to include this prayer in your feast day celebration.


Saint Michael Song For Catholic Kids

Me and my kids also have a St. Michael The Archangel Prayer Song that we sing. I find that kids just learn everything easier when it’s to music, so I love to make up songs for them. You can see the video here on my facebook page.

More Resources For Celebrating The Angels

I have a lot more angel resources for Catholic kids on my post about the Guardian Angel Feast Day, which is coming up on October 2!

How do you celebrate? I would love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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  3. what a marvelous compilation of activities and ways to celebrate those three wonderful Angels!

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