Nativity of Mary

The feast of the Nativity of Mary is coming up on September 8, which means… Happy Birthday Mother Mary!!! **cue horns blowing and confetti flying through air**

So the most obvious idea for celebrating this feast day is to make a birthday cake for Mary. Anything blue is a great idea since that’s Mary’s traditional color.

You can decorate your cake with candles, like Sweetness and Light
and don’t forget to put out your Mary statue!


At These Thy Gifts, they pulled out all their normal family
traditions for birthdays, including the special birthday
plate and this funny hat! 🙂


But here’s my favorite idea for celebrating this day with the kiddos-
Our Little Catholic Corner put out a “Baby Mary” doll for their

table centerpiece. What a great visualization for kids! Love it!

Now who wants to join me in singing to Our Lady? All together now!
“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Mary, happy birthday to you!!!”


  1. Sarah Harkins says

    Any reason for making a cake is a good one 🙂 I'm def going to celebrate Mary's birthday this year! I love Mary!

  2. I love these ideas. I don't think the kids will appreciate it yet, do you think? They are almost 5 yrs and 2 year boys. I think this is SUCH a great idea though.

  3. happymomonline says

    We made cup cakes and got Mary some fresh flowers for her birthday today. Thanks for putting these out there a week ahead – gives me time to get organized! I have a picture on my blog if you want to look.
    Thanks for the ideas and keep them coming!
    God Bless!
    Heather 🙂

  4. I start CCD on Sunday and already plan on having a birthday party for Mary.
    I think 3rd graders will especially love this. Thanks for the baby doll idea. I will
    definately have to add that to my lesson plan.

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