Fruits Of The Spirit Song For Catholic Kids {{includes all 12 fruits!!!}}

Ya’ll… finally!!! Here is a CATHOLIC fruits of the Holy Spirit song for kids!!!

You have to be careful when you’re teaching your kids about the fruits of the Holy Spirit, because the protestants have only 9, and we as Catholics learn all 12. So when you search for fruits of the Spirit resources for kids, 99% of the activities, coloring pages, etc that you find is an incomplete list.

I’ve been working with children for a number of years now, and I have never found a more effective way to teach the memorization of lists other than songs. Once it’s in a song, the kids will know the list.

In fact, I myself had learned an incomplete list of the fruits of the spirit! When I was teaching Vacation Bible School a number of years ago, our parish had purchased a protestant VBS program with a “Catholic add on” package that added a Saint a day or something like that. Anywho, we totally sang a fruits of the Spirit song daily that only had 9 fruits in it.

A few years ago, I wrote this song for my children so they could easily learn the complete Catholic list. I would like to share the song with all of you now, and I hope it blesses your family as it has blessed mine!

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Also, I now have a download with 12 fruits of the Spirit for Catholic kids! Check it out!

God bless, and happy Pentecost prep!

You can find all of my Holy Spirit teaching resources for kids here including the gifts of the spirit, the fruits of the spirit, celebrating Pentecost Sunday, dove crafts, and more!


  1. Stephanie Weinert says

    Hi Lacy I think it would be helpful if you shared why there’s a difference in the 9 and 12 fruits, both coming from the same verse in Galatians, one from the Ancient Greek translation and the other from the ancient Vulgate. The Catholic Church officially holds the 12 because it follows the Vulgate as Her official canon, but has always always respected the translation of 9 fruits, which is the common thread accepted by all Christian faiths. The theological thought is that Jerome is providing the shades of meaning which are contained within the 9 Greek words. In some ways the official Catholic 12 is an “expansion/further explanation” of the Greek.
    So it’s not “wrong” or “not Catholic” to memorize the 9. Saint Augustine said that, direct quote: “the Apostle had no intention of teaching us how many (either works of the flesh or fruits of the spirit) there are, but to show how the former should be avoided and the latter sought after”. – Commentaries by St. Augustine, quoted by Aquinas in the Summa

    • Thank you Stephanie for this explanation as it was very educational for me and helped me decide if it’s okay that I use a lesson . I appreciate you taking the time to write this for us all to read.

  2. Stephanie Weinert says

    In a nutshell, it’s incorrect to say “9 fruits is Protestant and 12 fruits is Catholic.” The truth is one is Ancient Greek, one is Ancient Latin, and the Catholic Church holds that both are inspired by God, inerrant, and under the protection of the Catholic Church. Both are Catholic in different languages 🙂

    The real crux is found in the commentaries of Augustine and Aquinas who teach us that the outpouring is the Holy Spirit Paul speaks about in Galatians 5 is one Spirit, one fruit, with many manifestations of the same Spirit.

    I think it’s really really important we clarify and acknowledge that this isn’t a “Protestant vs Catholic” thing.

  3. I absolutely love it and thank you so much for the full list

  4. Mary L Shelden says

    Love, love, love the fruits of the spirit song, and your lovely joyful singing and happy ukele Lacy!