Catholic Bible Journaling- Ideas and Inspiration

I thought I’d like to have a place to share my bible journaling pages with you, so I’ll post them here (at the top) whenever I have a new one. For more bible journaling inspiration, be sure to follow me on Instagram and check out my bible journaling Pinterest board.

Links to my commonly used supplies: You can also see my complete post of recommended bible journaling supplies here.

Find all of my Catholic Bible Journaling Resources here.

A Tour Of Lacy’s Journal Bible

bible journaling- quiver full

Quiver full of children bible journaling page: I drew this page with my black marker and colored with colored pencils.

bible journaling- flowers- psalm 100 make a joyful noise

Joyful noise bible journaling, Psalm 100- I doodled around this page with brush tip markers. I love the look without black outlines!

bible journaling- stars

He gives the stars their names bible journaling page- First I put down star stickers, then colored around them with gelatos, then peeled them back up. The lettering was added with black markers, then embellished with white gel pens. For the last effect, I traced around the stars with a clear sparkle pen.

bible journaling- he gives the stars their names


bible journaling- faith

Faith bible journaling page- This page was achieved using only black pens and a white gel pen.

bible journaling- nothing is too hard for you

Nothing is too hard for you bible journaling page- on this page, I wrote in the words with a black brush tip pen, then added the background color around the words with gelatos.

bible journaling- put on your new self

Put on your new self bible journaling page- Inspired by this page, I covered the page with golden gelato hearts, then drew on the black, then outlined the hearts a bit with a gold colored pencil.

bible journaling- children of God through faith

You are all children of God through faith bible journaling page- This was all drawn in the brush tip markers.

bible journaling- john 3 16

John 3:16 bible journaling page- My friend and I created these pages but putting down washi tape crosses, coloring and smearing gelatos around them, then carefully peeling it back up.

bible journaling- he is our hope- anchor- hebrews

He is our hope/anchor bible journaling page, Hebrews- On this page I drew the anchor and rope with colored pencils, added the words in black marker, then added the surrounding color with gelatos.

bible journaling- birds don't worry

Birds don’t worry, they sing bible journaling page- This page was inspired by our new baby chicks! Drawn in gelatos, some details added in colored pencils, and words drawn with brush tip marker.

bible journaling- catholic holy spirit pentecost

Holy Spirit/Pentecost bible journaling page- I outlined the dove with black colored pencil (which can be read through unlike the markers) then colored the dove in with a white crayon. I painted around the dove with watercolor paints, which were resisted by the crayon, and added the Holy Spirit prayer with colored pencils when the watercolor was dry.

bible journaling- pray for one another- chevron

Pray bible journaling page- I made the chevron pattern in the backround with gelatos, then added the words with various black markers.

bible journaling- prisoners of sin- jesus is key

Prisoners of sin bible journaling page- I drew the outline with black markers, then added the silver and gold with gelatos and water with a paintbrush.

bibie journaling- the good shepherd

Good Shepherd bible journaling page: I wrote this one with my black markers, went over it with my white get pen, and colored around the words with colored pencils.

bible journaling- be strong and courageous

Be strong and courageous bible journaling page: This page was colored with my gelatos, then written over with my black markers once dry.

bible journaling- count it all joy

Count it all joy bible journaling page: Written in with my black markers, colored around with gelatos, then the details were colored in with colored pencils.

bible journaling- st. francis quote

St. Francis of Assisi bible journaling page: I painted in the side column with black acrylic paint, then wrote over top with metalic paint pens and a white gel pen.

bible journaling- his banner over me is love song of solomon

His banner over me is love bible journaling page: Drawn in my black markers, background faded with gelatos, detail color added with colored pencils.

bible journaling- rainbow cross

Cross bible journaling page- this page was made by putting down a cross made from washi tape, then putting gelatos all around, blending them with a little water, then removing the tape. As with all my pages that get wet, I ironed it when I was finished. This page was also made in my study bible, but the gelatos are easily read through. I cannot cover the scripture! <3

catholic bible journaling- prayer cards

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Mary bible journaling page- I have attached a holy card over the page with washi tape. It is liftable to reveal the words beneath. This is a page from my study bible.

catholic bible journaling- i am the vine you are the branches

The true vine bible journaling page- this is another made in my study bible, but this time it’s a “lift-the-flap” page over the footnotes. Drawn with my black marker, and colored with colored pencils. The flap is attached with a piece of washi tape.

bible journaling- love is patient love never fails

Love never fails bible journaling page: This one was made in my study Bible. I covered the footnotes with white gesso to make room for journaling, but didn’t like it as well as covering with white paint. It was outlined in my black marker, then colored with colored pencils.

bible journaling- love is patient love is kind 1 cor 13

Love is patient, love is kind bible journaling page: All outlines were made with black marker, then the hearts were colored with gelatos and blended with water. Light shading was added with colored pencil.

catholic bible journaling- a catholic bible

This Easter bible journaling page is in my Catholic Study Bible. I created the background colors using my pastel gelatos, then blended them with water. I added some shading with colored pencils, then outlined with a black marker.

bible journaling- easter

Here’s a similar technique for the Easter page in my regular bible.

bible journaling- good friday

Good Friday bible journaling page: For this page, I taped off a cross using washi tape, then added color all around it with my pastel gelatos. The words were written in with my black marker, and the nails were drawn with colored pencils. I then added 3 big drops of red watercolor paint, and blew them down the page with a straw.

bible journaling- palm sunday- hosanna

Palm Sunday bible journaling page: This page was drawn with my black marker, then colored in with my kid’s half-dry Crayola markers. I added the red with a colored pencil, and a strip of washi tape across the bottom.

bible journaling- first psalm

The first Psalm bible journaling page: This page was outlined with my black marker, then colored with colored pencils.

bible journaling- psalm 51

Psalm 51 bible journaling page: I created the butterfly using a stencil and my gelatos. The fading background was also created with pastel gelatos, and blended with water. I wrote the words “Transform Me” with a silver marker, which did not bleed through thanks to the gelatos.

bible journaling- narrow path

Seek the narrow path… Matthew 7:13. My favorite scripture verse.

bible journaling- narrow gate verse


bible journaling- narrow gate matthew 7 13

This was my first attempt at a bible journaling 2 page spread. I used watercolors and a black marker to create this page. This was before I had gelatos, and if I were to do it over, I would use gelatos. I just like the dry texture of gelatos better and they’re easier to work with. But I love how the narrow path twists and turns around the scripture. 🙂 I placed clear page protectors behind the pages before painting, and ironed the pages flat when they were dry.

bible journaling- trinity- catholic

Trinity bible journaling page: This one was outlined with my black marker, and colored with colored pencils.

catholic bible journaling in catholic study bible

And here’s my very similar Trinity page in my Catholic Study Bible.

bible journaling- hail mary with st. maximilian quote

The Hail Mary bible journaling page: Outlined with my black marker and colored with colored pencils. I included the St. Maximilian Kolbe quote “Never be afraid of loving the Blessed Virgin too much. You can never love her more than Jesus did.

bible journaling- bread of life- catholic

Bread of life discourse bible journaling page: Outlined in my black marker and colored with colored pencils.

bible journaling- glory of god

This is the inside cover of my bible: 1 Cor 10:31 Whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God. I’ve always tried to use my artsy craftsy side for the glory of God, and this bible is the newest adventure in that pursuit. This page was outlined with a black marker, and colored with watercolor paints. I placed a clear page protector behind this page while I worked, and ironed it flat to make it smooth when I was finished.

bible journaling- the glory of god

bible journaling- diy sewn cover

My sewn cover for my journaling bible.

bible journaling bookmark- printable

My bible bookmark with plenty of ribbons, and also a small rosary.

bible journaling- adding hymns with vellum and washi tape

Here I have printed the hymn “On Eagle’s Wings” on vellum, and attached it over Psalm 91 with a strip of washi tape.

Find all of my Catholic Bible Journaling Resources here.


  1. Hey Lacy, thank you so much for this post! You are truly a gal after my own heart! I have wanted one of these, much like the Oxford but from a Catholic publisher (who I feel better about financially supporting). I sent Ignatius Press an email asking them to considering making one for all of us who would like a ready-to-go note taking/journaling bible. Maybe if a few more people sent them an email with this request, they might REALLY consider publishing one. They did send a response back thanking me for the suggestion. As for your method, there are some really great ideas here I would like to implement in my bible journaling!

  2. Thank you for sharing your ideas! What you call “bible journaling” is not a new idea at all! The celtic and medieval bibles and missals give proof that embellishment is a wonderful way to encourage the reader (and the artist) to contemplate on holy words.

  3. Emily Mauro says

    This is beautiful!! The art with each Scripture truly helps embrace it with colors and memorize it easier!

  4. Hi, I am new to journaling and would like to know how you keep the pens and paint from bleeding to the back page?

  5. Beautifully done. I was gifted a journaling Bible (NIV) last night, and am anxious to get started. I was hoping for some ideas as to what types of markers will not bleed.

  6. Kandi Earhart says

    Thank you for sharing! This is gorgeous! I am new to bible journaling. I am not as artistic as you are, but I would love to be.

  7. karen mostert says

    Excellent… i am also new at this – i just love all the brilliant colours !!

  8. Mindi Vinklarek says

    Hi! I love your Bible tabs! Did you purchase them anywhere??

  9. Ab Goostrey says

    Where can I purchase a Catholic bible for journaling

  10. I’m late to the Bible Art Journaling party! I am not an artist at all…do you by any chance have any of your artwork as traceables? I’m relying heavily on tracing! 🙂

    • I don’t have any like that, but I would encourage you to search for that directly on etsy. There is so much really cute and affordable stuff available over there from really talented women! 🙂