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How To Draw Advent Saints (St. Lucy, Our Lady Of Guadalupe, & St. Nicholas)

Well I am really starting to love these how to draw videos as I am going with this project- they seem to be getting more fun by the week! I was thinking about how popular the "How To Draw Saints" video was for All Saints' Day, and it occurred to me that ya'll might enjoy an Advent version. My family just loves to celebrate the December Saint feast days, so this seemed like the perfect idea. So … [Read more...]

Easy St. Nicholas Day Brownies For Catholic Kids

This time of year, Little Debbie comes out with Santa shaped brownies, and they're actually cut in a way that resembles quite closely the miter's hat of St. Nicholas.   All these brownies need is a little cross on the miter. This would be easily added with a tiny tube of white icing! I actually had some cross shaped candies from last Easter that put on our hats. Voila! St. Nicholas … [Read more...]

How To Celebrate St. Nicholas Day; Ideas, Printables, and More!

Many Catholic children around the world celebrate Saint Nicholas day! In the story of St. Nicholas, it is said that there were three poor girls that could not get married because they had no dowry, and St. Nicholas came and secretly left gold for all 3 girls at night in their shoes, which were drying by the fireplace. So the tradition of leaving out shoes to be filled with gifts was born of a … [Read more...]

St. Nicholas Crafts for Kids- Printables, Ideas, and More!

Check out my post on how to celebrate St. Nicholas day here. St. Nicholas Day is coming up on December 6! These crafts can be a fun way to celebrate the day. St. Nicholas can even leave the supplies for the crafts right in your shoes. ;-) This printable St. Nicholas ornament is available in my Advent Saint pack.  Here is is on the tree embellished with lots of glitter! This toilet … [Read more...]

How To Turn A Santa Claus Into St. Nicholas

It's become a tradition around our house to get a chocolate St. Nick in our shoe come December 6, and this is easy to accomplish! You can turn pretty much any little Santa toy into St. Nicholas by quickly adding a miter and crozier. Last year, I made St. Nicholas out of chocolate Santas, and also Santa Pez dispensers. You can find all of my resources for celebrating St. Nicholas day … [Read more...]

St. Nicholas Day Craft- Paper Bag Puppet

If you're looking for a last minute St. Nicholas Day craft to make with your kids, these paper bag puppets are so easy and so fun!!! You can find all the templates and directions you need to make this guy (and many others) in my Saint puppet ebook that's free to download for all of my subscribers! Find the details here. PS. If any of you feel like I have fallen off the planet lately, … [Read more...]

Celebrating St. Nicholas Day With Catholic Kids

Click here to find all of my resources for the celebrating St. Nicholas day with your family! Also, you can find all of my Advent and Christmas resources for Catholic families here.   … [Read more...]

St. Nicholas Movie Giveaway from CCC!

Happy St. Nicholas Day, everyone! In honor of St. Nicholas, CCC of America is giving away a copy of Nicholas - The Boy Who Became Santa to one lucky Catholic Icing reader! Here's what CCC had to say about the movie: Nicholas was only a boy when he discovered somethinglife-changing:  Giving to others brought happiness to many people. Although his wealthy parents died during his childhood, … [Read more...]

Celebrating St. Nicholas Day – Our Traditions

Can you believe St. Nicholas Day is just around the corner?! December 6 really snuck up on me this year. The biggest Catholic tradition on St. Nicholas day is to put your shoes outside the night before and in the morning, they're filled with yummy treats! This would traditionally include chocolate coins (of which I already got some for my kids off the Target dollar spot this year. You can also get … [Read more...]

St. Nicholas Day Gift Ideas (For Shoe Stuffing!)

Saint Nicholas day is a super fun feast day to celebrate with kids when living the liturgical year at home! You can find all of my resources for celebrating St. Nicholas day here. It is one of the only Saint feast days I ever celebrated as a child, and a great place to start if you are new to this! But... what should you fill the shoes with? I have a lot of St. Nicholas day gift ideas for you, and … [Read more...]