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Celebrating St. Lucy’s Feast Day With Kids- The Ultimate Resource List!

There are many traditional ways to celebrate St. Lucy's (Santa Lucia's) feast day, many of them originating from Scandinavia, especially Sweden. I love how much culture it opens us up to when we celebrate these awesome Catholic feast days! You'll find everything you need to celebrate St. Lucy's feast day right here from this one post. :-) I have a Swedish friend and when I saw him over … [Read more...]

Celebrating Martinmas- The Feast Day Of St. Martin

The Feast day of St. Martin of Tours happens each year on November 11, and if often referred to as "Martinmas". I don't know about you, but I just love when these feast days have their own name!  This is a really big celebration in many areas of the world, especially Germany! Horseshoe shaped cakes are not the only tradition to celebrate this beautiful feast day, so let's take a look today at … [Read more...]

Celebrating Santa Lucia Day- Printable St. Lucy and Star Boy Craft

It's almost St. Lucy day! This is a day that is traditionally celebrated in Sweden. Little girls dress up as St. Lucy in white dresses with red ribbons (that symbolize her purity and her martyrdom) and wreaths with candles in their hair. They serve Santa Lucia saffron buns, a sweet bread, also known "Lussekatter". Also in Sweden, there was a tradition there where boys dressed up as "star boys" in … [Read more...]

Catholic Saint Valentine Craft (St. Valentine Puppet!)

There's not much that we're certain of about Saint Valentine, but he might have been a bishop and he is often depicted that way. Since making the nun craft from yesterday, I've been obsessed with paper bag puppets! They are so much fun and my kids love them! So... we made St. Valentine! I now have an ebook available with templates for making virtually any Saint- Saint Puppet ebook … [Read more...]

Candy Cane Cookie Recipe With Actual Mint Flavor!

Christmas is the best time of year to bake, and I especially love making a large variety of Christmas cookies! I have several favorite Christmas cookie recipes, and this one is definitely earning a spot on the list this year! These have the delicious peppermint flavor of an actual candy cane, and they are a fun option of cookie to bake with kids because shaping them into the candy canes is so much … [Read more...]

Delicious Chocolate Cookie Recipe (With Cherries!)

This is one of my favorite cookie recipes- chocolate cherry cookies! Not only are they delicious, but I love the pop of red the cherry provides, making these cookies beautiful and festive as well as tasty. This cookie recipe is easy enough to have help from the kids, and fancy enough to serve at a party. You can also find 15 perfect chocolate cookie recipes for chocoholics here. Today let's take a … [Read more...]

Printable Advent Saint Peg Doll Wraps

I get constant requests for more sets of peg doll printables, so here you go. Today, I bring you printable Advent Saint peg doll wraps! All you have to do is paint the heads, then you Modge Podge the rest. And btw, Mod Podging isn't even an extra step, you have to do it to seal the peg dolls somehow anyway. I just love this new Saint peg doll set. They are my favorite set so far!  I … [Read more...]

10 Meaningful Advent Traditions for Catholic Families

The holiday season can be overwhelming, but there are so many wonderful Catholic Advent traditions from all over the world that can be easily implemented into your celebrations! Many of these are even easier to incorporate after you have initially started it, so add a few traditions here and there and watch your meaningful family traditions grow.  I would like to start off by saying … [Read more...]

Shopping For Symbolic Saint Foods (Healthy Options Included!)

For All Saints' Day each year, I like to serve fun snacks for kids that symbolize a part of different Saint stories. We love to make a tea party out of it! This list is meant to make shopping for symbolic Saint food easier for you! I hope these links make it easier to find what you're looking for. :-) You can find my Saint Food Labels that these foods go with here. A lot of the things I have … [Read more...]

Easy Symbolic Party Food For All Saints’ Day

I am so excited to present to you today these adorable Saint food labels for turning simple foods into Saint symbols for your All Saints' Day party! The Saint food labels let you turn read to eat food into a learning tool and a cute party food without you needing to cook, create labels, or even explain what your food means. *smile* What a fun and easy way to teach your children about the faith! … [Read more...]