Easy St. Nicholas Day Brownies For Catholic Kids

This time of year, Little Debbie comes out with Santa shaped brownies, and they’re actually cut in a way that resembles quite closely the miter’s hat of St. Nicholas.


All these brownies need is a little cross on the miter. This would be easily added with a tiny tube of white icing! I actually had some cross shaped candies from last Easter that put on our hats. Voila! St. Nicholas brownies! You can also give him a candy cane “crozier” which we did in rainbow colors for fun. 🙂

We also decorated the plate with a St. Nicholas peg doll and my printable St. Nicholas treats card. This was from our All Saints’ Day tea party. I’m planning to stick these brownies in the shoes this year!

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  1. Hi, what store did you find The Santa Cakes at? I haven’t seen these since 2015. They aren’t listed on little debbies website store locator.

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