St. Nicholas Day Shoe Stuffing Ideas

Don’t forget to put your shoes out on Dec 5! St. Nicholas Day is just around the corner! Here’s some ideas of things ol’ St. Nick can fill those shoes with 😉

This year, I had a different idea to symbolize the golden dowry St. Nicholas leaves than the typical chocolate chocolate golden coins. I’m using old fashioned candy buttons!

You can find them at your local drugstore, and easily cut them into strips that leave 3 “gold dowries” each. Perfect! One package costs $1.69 and yields 36 strips of yellow buttons. This is a cheap and easy way to stuff a lot of shoes if you happen to be a CCD teacher or have 12 kids. Plus, if you’re allergic to chocolate, it’s a great alternative! 🙂

Here’s what else is going in our shoes this year:

Hope everyone has a jolly St. Nicholas Day! 🙂

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