An Excellent Saint Juan Diego Movie (Plus a Movie Collection Giveaway and Free Shipping!)

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by CCC of America, but all opinions are my own and it's for a product that I have already told you before that I really love! A wonderful thing that you can do during Advent is to spend time celebrating the feast days of Advent Saints.  This is a great way to keep your mind focused on Advent as a time of prayerfulness and joyful anticipation.  Two of those … [Read more...]

Prayer Pillowcase Giveaway

Check out these Prayer Pillowcases. Aren't they cute? (I love how this one is reversible!) Last year, we got some of these Prayer Pillowcases as a Christmas present from my husband's grandma.  These are a great gift idea for Catholic children, and a perfect gift from a Godparent (or anyone really). For a special touch, you can even have the pillowcase personalized! Check it out- they … [Read more...]

Catholic Icing IRL- and a giveaway!

For those of you who are aren't nerds like me, "IRL" means "in real life".  You're going to need to know that to make it through this post. *grin* I've been going to more homeschooling conferences lately, and I wanted to give you all a glimpse of what Catholic Icing is like IRL. IRL, you guys like to call me "The Catholic Icing Lady"- which is awesome. I love it! I also have a lot of people … [Read more...]

Big Fun for Catholic Kids! {and a giveaway!}

When I was at the IHM Conference, I got to catch up with Frances from Illuminated Ink. She has become a true friend! I really love the resources her company provides for Catholic children, and I've written about her grotto craft kits here before. When I asked her what was new this year, she showed me these gigantic posters for Catholic children! I will admit (even though I know Frances … [Read more...]

Awesome Catholic Giveaways!

I don't do this very often, but I thought it would be fun to have another big giveaway post! There are no hoops to jump through to enter these giveaways. Here's how it works: Under each giveaway item, there will be an Inlinkz box that says “add your link”. Only you don’t have to put in a link. Just click on the box and put in your name and email address. You need to use a valid email address so … [Read more...]

Giveaway Winners!

Remember my giveaways from last week? Well, I'm here to announce the lucky winners! :-)Lego rosary from Momento Moose- AprilSt. Patrick children's movie from CCC- SaraSt. Veronica Peg Doll from St. Luke's Brush- Ok, the winner of this one didn't leave a name, just an email address. Lol! So I emailed them- whoever they are. :-)Glory Story CDs from Holy Heroes- TarynLenten CDs from Holy Heroes- … [Read more...]

Catholic Giveaways Galore! {Enter All 9 Giveaways from this One Post!}

*UPDATE* The giveaways are now closed, and the winners will be announced soon. Thanks for participating, everyone! :-) As you all know, I have been in the finals for Best Catholic Blog 2011 from! I can't believe that I made it into the finals to begin with, and I would have never imagined that Catholic Icing could have held her own so well through the voting process! Today is the last … [Read more...]

Movie Giveaway! Juan Diego- Messenger of Guadalupe

Today is the Feast of San Juan Diego! In honor of Juan Diego today, CCC of America is giving away a copy of Juan Diego, Messenger of Guadalupe to one lucky Catholic Icing reader! If you're rubbing your eyes and thinking "Is Catholic Icing having TWO giveaways in one week?!" The answer is yes! I love this movie so much and my kids do, too! When we were at church a few Sundays ago, my 4 year old … [Read more...]

St. Nicholas Movie Giveaway from CCC!

Happy St. Nicholas Day, everyone! In honor of St. Nicholas, CCC of America is giving away a copy of Nicholas - The Boy Who Became Santa to one lucky Catholic Icing reader! Here's what CCC had to say about the movie: Nicholas was only a boy when he discovered somethinglife-changing:  Giving to others brought happiness to many people. Although his wealthy parents died during his childhood, … [Read more...]

Rosary Winner!

We have a winner!!! It's the Ax Lady from Whirlwind Lodge! Here was her comment: "The Red Rose Rosary with Immaculate Hearts is my favorite, but I can't get over how beautiful they all are!" So Ax Lady, just send me a personal email with your information so we can send it to you! Thank you to everyone who participated and helped spread the word! We ended up with over 300 entries! For … [Read more...]