How To Turn A Santa Claus Into St. Nicholas

It’s become a tradition around our house to get a chocolate St. Nick in our shoe come December 6, and this is easy to accomplish! You can turn pretty much any little Santa toy into St. Nicholas by quickly adding a miter and crozier. Last year, I made St. Nicholas out of chocolate Santas, and also Santa Pez dispensers. You can find all of my resources for celebrating St. Nicholas day here.


Supplies Needed To Turn Santa Into Jolly ‘Ol St. Nicholas:

  • Red and/or golden paper (Shiny is best. I bought the paper by the sheet in the scrapbooking aisle of Michael’s)
  • Clear tape
  • Cross stickers (or be prepared to cut your own tiny crosses out of your shiny paper)
  • Golden pipe cleaners (yellow will work in a pinch)
  • Scissors
  • Some kind of chocolate Santas (I used the off-brand from Aldi) or Santa Pez dispensers (available pretty much everywhere this time of year)

First, draw a miter shape that is about the right size for your Santa on your paper. Then add 2 long rectangle shapes to either side- this is so you can tape the miter around Santa’s head. Cut it out in one big piece. Curl it around his head, and tape it to the back of his head. *Note* using hot glue is not a good idea since chocolate has a tendency to, well, melt. 😉 Put a cross sticker on the front of the hat.

craft chocolate st. nicholas

I do this in the evening when the kids are in bed because these are the surprises for their shoes. Therefore, at our house, this is a mommy craft, not a kid craft.

chocolate saint nicholas shoe stuffer

You can also shape a pipe cleaner into a crozier and adhear to front of Santa. Here are our Santa Pez dispensers turned St. Nicholas. Aren’t they adorable?

convert santa to st. nicholas

These were all a hit in the shoes last year!

Be sure to check out my other resources for celebrating St. Nicholas day with your family here.

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