The Jelly Bean Prayer- Free Download

So… sometimes it happens. Sometimes I make a mistake. In fact, it happens often, and when it happens on Catholic Icing, I believe that it’s God’s way of keeping me humble. 😝

Last week I came out with the Jelly Bean Prayer coloring book, and the “bonus page” had a typo. It said “sorow” instead of “sorrow”. So I’m making that one page free now so that everyone that already downloaded it can grab the fixed page, and the rest of you can enjoy that page as well!

This bonus freebie download has the 2 bean shaped pages pictured below, perfect for labeling your jelly beans this Easter!

You get a free download! You get a free download! Everyone gets a free download!!!

Jelly Bean Prayer Freebie Here

I bet y’all would like it if I made typos more often 😉

If you want the complete coloring book for kids with the whole jelly bean prayer, it’s available for a few more days for just $1, then it’s going up to $2.

And check out my jelly bean display to go with this! 😁

Silly rabbit! Easter is for Jesus!!!

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Make it about the lamb, not the bunny!

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