Ignatius Book Review (And Coupon Codes For Catholic Children’s Books!)

I am so excited to be partnering today with Ignatius Press to bring you these beautiful books for Catholic kids! When I first started in this business, it was very hard to find beautiful high quality resources for Catholic kids, and I love seeing that change! These books I have to show you today are absolutely perfect for Easter baskets, First Holy Communion presents, or a gift for a Godchild anytime. Let’s dive into these beautiful Catholic children’s books.

Disclaimer: This is a paid sponsorship with Ignatius Press. I did get to personally choose exactly which of their books I would be reviewing today, and all opinions shared are my own. 

Coupon Code For Catholic Children’s Books

As the disclaimer above states, Ignatius Press let me hand choose exactly which of their books I would be promoting today, so I hand chose the ones that I knew y’all would love!!! The best part? They have provided a 25% off discount code for all the books I’m sharing today for Catholic Icing readers!!!! (((insert squeals of delight here!!!)))

Important Note: This code does not work with sale prices on their site. So, while this code will save you more than most of the sale prices, it does not appear to be able to be combined with a sale price.

Coupon Code: ICING25

It will be valid from 3/8 to 3/15 at midnight Pacific Time. (2021)

Let’s dive in, shall we?

I’m going to start with my favorites! Look at this group of beautiful picture books for Catholic kids! They’re a matching set of white books with shiny gold on the covers. I wanted to see how I would like their children’s bibles and Catechisms, and they did not disappoint!

Books Pictured Above:

First of all… I just absolutely love all 4 of these books! When I first opened the box, I loved how the white covers with the gold foil made this a matching set! I was wishing that “My Little Catechism” was the same size as the others, but it does say “little” after all.

Also, every one of these 4 books is very affordable, which is so fantastic. 

These books have beautiful illustrations inside and out! I am very particular about children’s book illustrations (being an artist myself, and knowing that the illustrations are very important to children). The illustrations in these books are beautiful throughout. Look at this page from inside My Little Catechism.

They have the typical question/answer format like you would expect in a Catechism. The pages are very well laid out, and I love all the color! This book is very affordable, and don’t forget about your Catholic Icing coupon code! 

The Catholic Children’s Bible is also beautiful and well laid out. I love how they include the actual Bible verses of the story at the top of the page, and how they incorporate these little circle “bubbles” to illustrate multiple scenes on the same page. The best part is, it’s an actually Catholic children’s Bible, so you don’t have to worry about the wording of the institution of the Eucharist! This Bible also included a good number of Bible stories. I will definitely be adding this to my list of recommended Catholic children’s Bibles. 

Also, it’s very affordable! I’m going to show you their more expensive children’s Bible farther down this post. 

I also loved their Catholic Saints For Children. Each Saint story is illustrated with a cute little watercolor illustration and here’s my favorite part- there is also a prayer included for each Saint! Brilliant. Here you can see the little St. Francis prayer. 

Not my favorite part… the covers of these books. They’re the kind that fold back in the front and back. They’re still sturdy and beautiful, but I just don’t like the kind of covers with these flaps for kids especially. I would say it’s the only downside to this series, and usually, I find Ignatius to have beautiful bindings, so I was surprised by this. 

I think every one of the books so far would make excellent Easter basket stuffers, and I love the Stories Of The Blessed Sacrament book as a First Communion present especially!

Ok let’s look at Around The Year Once Upon A Time Saints. I have already had several of the “Once Upon A Time Saints” books for years (and have already been recommending them from my Saint books for kids post for some time) and I do like them a lot! They’re great for read alouds. I have wanted the “Around The Year” one for years, so now I finally have it. Yay! I love the story element of this series, and the Around The Year format makes it extra easy to use for living the liturgical year at home.

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This is a typical paperback book and the illustrations are a simple yet adorable black and white. The stories are the focus of this series. 

My Catholic Bible– I almost didn’t ask for this one because it’s a little pricier (and I like recommending affordable stuff) but I’m so glad I did! What a beautiful Catholic children’s Bible! If you act this week, you can use your 25% off discount code, so this makes it exactly the right time to add this to your home library! It’s a hardcover book that comes in a beautiful display box with gold edges. What an excellent gift this book would make! 

This children’s Bible is absolutely beautiful and includes a very wide range of stories! I love the layout, love the illustrations… just overall this might become my very favorite Catholic children’s Bible. This one is big and includes a lot of stories, so I would say this is good for older children. This would be your final step before transitioning them to a true Bible. 

I especially love how it’s laid out in a column format, just like a real Bible.

Ignatius wanted to send books for all of my children, so for Lydia, I chose the Ignatius Note Taking Bible! I have always been a huge fan of Bible Journaling, and since Lydia is in that teenage stage of doodling on everything right now, I think this is the perfect gift for her Easter basket this year. This would also come highly recommended for mom 😉

I especially love how this has a little elastic band to hold the Bible closed. As you create art in a journaling Bible, the pages tend to become bumpy, taking up extra space, and the Bible itself will begin to fan out, so this will be a useful feature. You can see below how much space is provided for Bible journaling. It’s a blank slate, waiting for inspiration! For years there were no Catholic journaling Bibles, so I am so so so happy to have an affordable version of this available now!

My Catholic Picture Bible– what an adorable Catholic Bible for preschoolers! Check out how they put individual items to the side and label them. So cute and perfect for preschoolers!

I mean look at this adorable page on the Holy Family and tell me this isn’t absolutely perfect for Catholic preschoolers.

Also, the quality of this book is top notch! The binding itself is a very sturdy puffy shiny cover, and each of these pages is very sturdy and high gloss! I think this will actually stand up to preschool use. I’m overall thrilled with this Catholic children’s Bible. I wish I had it when my kids were preschoolers. Overall I would say the picture on the cover of this Bible doesn’t do justice to how beautiful this book is on the inside.

Chapter Books For Older Catholic Kids

These chapter books came recommended for ages 10 and up. They are the books that came for Julian (currently age 12). I can’t fully recommend these because I haven’t read them and I don’t know much about them, but the covers and titles sure are appealing to kids. The 25% discount code does apply to these as well, so I didn’t want to leave them out.

In all honesty, I have loved every children’s book that I ever held from the Magnificat Ignatius series. It really is a high-quality line of Catholic children’s books. I even have an entire curriculum that I wrote to go with their Tell Me About The Catholic Faith book (which isn’t part of the discount code for this week- I don’t want any confusion). But I never recommend anything that I don’t believe in here. I have literally returned hundreds of dollars in paid sponsorship fees of items when I didn’t believe they suited the readership here, so what I recommend, I truly do like. 

I hope y’all enjoy the discount code and I hope this helps you out with your Easter basket stuffing this year! God bless!


  1. I just added five books to my cart with your code, and the online sale price goes away with your coupon code. I’m not sure if you knew, it sounded like from your post that it was on sale and then 25% off ON TOP OF that, and that isn’t the case. I had five books in my cart, I saved $10 without your code, then when I added it, I saved $13. LOL. So not quite the 25% on top I was hoping for. They are still lovely books…and I think I’m still going to get them:) I just wanted to make sure that was clear for your readers!

    • Thanks for the heads up, Lorryn! We had no idea that was the case until you brought it to our attention and then tested it out ourselves as well. We’ll change up some wording in the post shortly. Thanks for letting us know!

      Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager