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Holy Spirit Resources For Kids (Crafts, Printables, More!)

I always find it helpful when I am teaching kids about anything to make sure that I make the resources fun and engaging for them. Nothing is effective than teaching kids at their own level! So when teaching kids about the Holy Spirit, naturally, I like to have some fun teaching tools to keep them interested and help them retain what they're learning. The month of April is dedicated to the Holy … [Read more...]

Fruit Of The Spirit Resources For Kids (Crafts, Printables, Snacks, More!)

Teaching kids about the Holy Spirit is a great way to get them involved with their faith! There are so many special occasions that are perfect for learning about the Holy Spirit including at Pentecost, Confirmation, Baptisms, when learning about the Trinity, or really any time! The summer time is also an especially good time to have some fun with this topic because of the fun fruit themes. You can … [Read more...]

Saint Feast Days In June (And Other Days To Celebrate With Kids!)

I love coming up with fun and creative ways to live the liturgical year at home with kids, and June is full of fun Saint feast days to celebrate! Keep scrolling to the bottom of the post because it also includes other fun June feast days and faith filled Summer activities for kids! Now let's look at these highlights of fun June Saint feast days to celebrate with links to crafts, food, and … [Read more...]

Prayers For Kids On St. Patrick’s Day

When celebrating St. Patrick's day with your family, it's important to remember that it is not just a holiday invented to sell lucky charms or go searching for pots of gold, but it is an actual feast day of a holy Saint... St. Patrick! A really great way to keep this in mind among your celebrations is to be sure to say some prayers. I hope you find some of these prayers for kids on St. Patrick's … [Read more...]

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day With Catholic Kids (The Ultimate Resource List!)

When celebrating Saint Patrick's day with Catholic kids, it's so easy to make sure you are celebrating the true meaning of this day and using the liturgical year as an opportunity to learn for your kids! I have several tips here to make celebrating as Catholics easy for families and fun for kids. Check out these ideas for celebrating St. Patrick's day with Catholic kids- all the resources you will … [Read more...]

Shamrock Cinnamon Rolls For St. Patrick’s Day

We absolutely love to celebrate Saint Patrick's day and I like to try out different things each year! This year I wanted to try making some shamrocks from cinnamon rolls, and you know what? It worked great! I want to share with you all today exactly how to make these shamrocks yourself to help your kids understand the Trinity just like St. Patrick would have taught them.  Supplies Needed … [Read more...]

Living The Liturgical Year In January

If you're looking for resources to live the Liturgical year at home with your family in January, you've come to the right place! You can find all of my liturgical year resources month by month here.  Check out my new printable liturgical calendar for Catholics! This includes all your major feast days and liturgical seasons along with holy days of obligation, solemnities, liturgical colors, … [Read more...]

Catholic How To Draw Videos (For FREE!!!)

This is the home of the Catholic Friday how-to-draw! Each Friday, I post a new how to draw video especially for Catholic kids. I also always sneak a little Catholic learning in while they draw, so it's a very easy way for your kids to learn about the church and liturgical year! If you want to be sure not to miss any how to draw videos in the future, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube … [Read more...]

Printable Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Craft

Whether you're teaching kids about the Holy Spirit because Pentecost is right around the corner, because you have a baptism coming up, or just because it's a good idea to teach kids about all of the persons in the Holy Trinity, this is a fun an effective way to learn about the gifts of the Holy Spirit! This download includes all 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit as listed in the Catechism of the … [Read more...]

Saint Patrick And Saint Brigid Craft For Catholic Kids

I am super excited today to bring you this printable craft of St. Patrick and St. Brigid! Aren't they adorable together?! I'm actually starting to have quite a collection of these printable stand-up Saint crafts now! I have my ABC Saints, nativity set, resurrection set, and Saint Valentine. Check out my video about them here! And don't forget to subscribe to the Catholic Icing YouTube … [Read more...]