Saint Patrick And Saint Brigid Craft For Catholic Kids

I am super excited today to bring you this printable craft of St. Patrick and St. Brigid! Aren’t they adorable together?!

I’m actually starting to have quite a collection of these printable stand-up Saint crafts now! I have my ABC Saints, nativity set, resurrection set, and Saint Valentine.

Check out my video about them here! And don’t forget to subscribe to the Catholic Icing YouTube Channel! 🙂

While St. Patrick already existed in my ABC Saints set, this little guy is different. I drew the new artwork myself, and I drew it with older kids in mind. His picture is full of symbolism. He has Ireland in the background,  a snake is fleeing his presence, his vestments are adorned with Celtic patterns, there is a Celtic cross beside him, the breastplate with the prayer of St. Patrick is resting by his feet, and he is, of course, holding a shamrock. 😉

St. Brigid was also drawn and painted by me, and she is holding a St. Brigid’s cross.

I am so excited about his adorable Saint duo! You can download both of them now for just $2! The download is available in black & white AND in color, so you choose how you print it. Grab yours now!

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And if you’re looking for a lesson to go with these little guys, I fully recommend my children’s book about the Trinity!

I hope ya’ll have a fun a blessed Saint Patrick’s day!

Find all of my resources for St. Brigid’s feast day celebrations here. There are so many fun and traditional ways to celebrate this beautiful feast day!


  1. Well done, Ms. Lacy! Just received mine and will get them ready to go for this Sunday’s class. As always, beautiful artwork – and thank you for adding symbols. (I am trying to teach my students to look for symbols of the saints in art as a way of telling who’s who.)

  2. Thank you for making these! Do you think you will keep making more Saint packs? Like you did for this and St. Valentine? I love this inexpensive way of representing the Saint we are celebrating that day. While I would LOVE to own a collection of wooden peg/block/cutout saints from Etsy, it likely won’t ever be in the budget, so this is a good alternative!

    • This comment totally encompasses the reason why I designed and continue to come out with these little guys! This comment just really warmed my heart. I absolutely have every intention to keep making these little guys, and I’m doing a better job of just letting myself come out with them gradually rather that putting pressure on myself to come out with big packs all at one time. I would absolutely love to have a passion set and a 12 apostles set as well. Eventually I should have the time for all of it lol. God bless!