3 Kings Ornament Craft For the Epiphany

Happy Epiphany! Although the feast of the Epiphany moves to the closest Sunday in the US, we usually celebrate at home on January 6. Here's a fun craft we're doing this year with the 3 kings. The really cool thing about this craft is that the 3 triangles spin so you can mix and match the king's clothes. This is a printable craft, part of the Advent Saints pack. This craft can … [Read more...]

Choose a Patron Saint for the New Year

A few years ago online (I wish I could remember where) I read about a Catholic family's New Year's tradition to choose a new patron saint for their family each year. I thought this was a great idea! Choose a saint that you feel would be a good fit for your family- something relative to you. A few years ago, we chose St. Anthony because my family is hopelessly disorganized, and we constantly … [Read more...]

Catholic December and January Calendar Stick-Ons

Let me tell go ahead and say that we have been having a rough month around here. I'm way behind on life (for various reasons), and for the last week or so everyone in my family has had a stomach bug. So yes, I know this post is late, but I've been a little out-of-it. Plus, any of you that have the Advent Christmas Planner have had these calendar stick-ons from the beginning. ;-) You can … [Read more...]

Bible Alphabet Craft For The Letter X

I was a little worried about the letter X, given that it's such a weird letter, but this actually turned out really well! For the letter "X", we went with eXalted! Supplies Needed: Card stock White oil pastel (or crayon) Watercolor paints Paint brushes Wooden dowels or skewers Before class begins, write "JESUS" on each piece of card stock with your white oil pastel. If you … [Read more...]

K is for King- Bible Alphabet Crafts For Kids

Happy Epiphany! (Ok, ok. I know in the USA they reschedule it to be on the closest Sunday, but traditionally, the Epiphany is on January 6th.) In any case, I've still been working on my Christian ABC's craft series, and we learned about "Kings" for the letter K, which seemed fitting to post on the Epiphany. :-) I love to make wearable crafts with preschoolers, because they love wearing … [Read more...]

Printable Advent and Christmas Blessings for Catholic Families

Here's a round up of printable blessings to use during Advent and Christmas time. (I really did my best to round-up printable versions, because I think gathering around a computer doesn't have the same quaint feel to it. When you print these, be sure to add them to your Advent/Christmas planning binder so you don't ever have to look them up or print them again. None of these blessings were created … [Read more...]

Catholic Crafts and Liturgical Ideas for January

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate the Liturgical year in January with your family. Hope you find the links usefu! :-) For starters, remember that the Christmas season goes well into January. Check out my post on how long Christmas really lasts for Catholics. (This post has been updated a little bit, so click over even if you've already read it). January- The month of January is … [Read more...]

Epiphany House Blessing and a Linky

Today is the First Friday of the month, which means I'm hosting a Catholic linky- it's your turn to share! What have you been up to? Add your links at the end of this post. :-) As these 12 days of Christmas come to a close, I wanted to share some pictures of our Epiphany door blessing from last year. It's very easy to bless your house for the Epiphany, and you don't need a priest- you … [Read more...]

New Year Ideas for Catholic Families- Fun Traditions

January 1st is a Holy Day Of Obligation, which is the feast of Mary, Mother of God. Therefore, Catholics always attend Mass on New Year's day. However, there are other things us Catholics can do to celebrate as well. :-) To celebrate the feast of Mary, Mother of God, check out this adorable craft! Also, here are some food ideas for celebrating. Also, ring in the New Year by choosing a … [Read more...]

Ideas for Teaching Catholic Kids About Baptism

Baptism is so important, and it's a great thing to make sure that your kids truly understand. One thing you can do to get across the importance of Baptism to your kids is to celebrate their Baptism anniversary. Look up their Baptism date, put it on the calendar, and make them a cake. Also, light their Baptism candle at dinner. Provide some holy water for everyone to bless themselves, and renew … [Read more...]