Shamrock Cinnamon Rolls For St. Patrick’s Day

We absolutely love to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day and I like to try out different things each year! This year I wanted to try making some shamrocks from cinnamon rolls, and you know what? It worked great! I want to share with you all today exactly how to make these shamrocks yourself to help your kids understand the Trinity just like St. Patrick would have taught them. 

Supplies Needed For Shamrock Cinnamon Rolls

Start by removing all your cinnamon rolls from the can.

You will need 3 complete cinnamon rolls for each shamrock you’re going to build, so leave them in their swirly shape. When you group them, if you put all the ends towards the middle it will help your shamrock have that continuous Celtic look to it.

Take one of your extra cinnamon rolls and unroll it a bit. Tear off a section for the “stem” of the shamrock, and place it between 2 of the rolls like this. 


So because my can had 8 rolls total, I ended up with 2 shamrocks, one leftover roll, and a tiny baby roll that was leftover from the shamrock stems. So I put mine in the oven like this. 

Now you have 2 options for making your cinnamon roll shamrocks green:

  • Add green food coloring to the cinnamon roll icing
  • OR use the icing white but then sprinkle green sugar over the icing.

I went ahead and dyed my icing green. First I emptied the pack of cinnamon roll icing into a small bowl, then put a few drops of food color in, then stirred. I ended up needing 6 drops of green food coloring because when I only used a few it made a mint green color.

When the cinnamon rolls come out of the oven, drizzle your icing over them.

Put them on a plate and serve them up to the kids! The individual cinnamon rolls themselves still easily pull apart so no one needs to eat 3 each! haha.

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I set up our table with our printable St. Patrick and St. Brigid, which I think made the table really festive!

You can find this St. Patrick and St. Brigid download here.

We also pulled out our St. Brigid’s cross for our tablescape! I love celebrating these 2 Saints together! 

When I make a delicious liturgical treat for the kids, I like to read to them about the feast day while they eat it. So I pulled out my favorite picture books for St. Patrick, the Trinity, and St. Brigid while we enjoyed this treat!

The reason why we celebrate with shamrocks is because it’s how St. Patrick taught the Trinity, so this is the perfect snack to learn about the Trinity! I fully suggest my picture book for kids: Teach Catholic Kids About The Trinity. It is well laid out, easy to follow, and guaranteed to leave you and your children pondering the mysteries of the Trinity. 

This is a printable downloadable book, so it’s not too late to be able to use it for this feast day! Get yours now!

The kids love these shamrock cinnamon rolls! And I love celebrating the liturgical year with them. 🙂