Easy Party Food Ideas for All Saints’ Day- Downloadable Labels Included!

In an effort to make some easy snacks for our All Saints' Day party, I've been brainstorming ways to make every day food into cute Saint food. I did this a few years ago by attaching holy cards to bowls of food, such as a St. Francis holy card (Patron saint of animals) on a bowl of animal crackers. This year I decided to take that a step further by making these free printable saint labels! Here … [Read more...]

Feast of St. Ambrose- Dec 7

St. Ambrose's feast day is coming up. Here's a compilation of ideas for his feast day celebration! :-) Try this Sweet Beehive Cake from Family Fun. I just love the little bee cookies that go with this cake!!! O Night Divine had this adorable craft... beeswax ornaments! :-) Ramblings of a Crazy Woman has a cute Preschooler bumble bee craft project. I found this egg carton bee craft for … [Read more...]