Printable Advent Saint Peg Doll Wraps

I get constant requests for more sets of peg doll printables, so here you go. Today, I bring you printable Advent Saint peg doll wraps! All you have to do is paint the heads, then you Modge Podge the rest. And btw, Mod Podging isn’t even an extra step, you have to do it to seal the peg dolls somehow anyway. I just love this new Saint peg doll set. They are my favorite set so far! 

I always loved peg dolls and I wanted to have a collection of Catholic peg dolls for my kids, but a few factors stood in the way:

  1. Purchasing hand painted peg dolls is very expensive (According to Etsy, the average price per peg doll is $22.32!)
  2. Hand painting peg dolls yourself is very time consuming

Well welcome to secret option number 3, which is printable peg doll wraps! Get the whole set for just $8, a 20% discount, for the first 5 days. This is a $223 value!!! Better order now

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They’re basically printable peg doll clothes that wrap around the peg. Because decoupaging them on creates a painted look, it’s virtually impossible to tell these are printed rather than painted. Plus, the original artwork actually was hand painted by me, so that’s why the printables look so much like they’re painted… it’s because they are!!! 

Please Note: The peg doll templates are exactly the correct size for these 3 and 9/16 inches tall, and 1 and 1/8 inches wide peg dolls (affiliate link).

You don’t need to be an artist to paint the heads! I designed all the faces to be cute and expressive, yet easy to re-create. The download includes pictures of each head from 3 different angles along with step by step directions for painting them. Best of all- all the faces can be draw on with a sharpie or a paint pen! *note- Mod Podge will not run sharpie marker* 

Also, this is the first set of Saint peg dolls that come with printable headgear! Check out these various crowns and hats that also decoupage right onto the heads brining these characters to life with only minimal actual painting. 

All you do is paint the head, and then the body is printable. It just decoupages on right around the peg with Mod Podge- it’s that easy. Let me show you how it works.

printable peg dolls- catholic wooden saint peg dolls small

That’s actually it! Can you believe how easy this is? These print onto regular computer paper, not card stock. Card stock will not wrap and lay flat in the same way.

Saints Included In This Advent Saint Peg Doll Set

  • Advent Mary peg doll wrap- Complete with Advent wreath and a banner proclaiming “joyful anticipation”. Also, you can see baby Jesus in her tummy!
  • St. Joseph peg doll wrap- with his symbols including a ruler and lilies
  • St. Nicholas peg doll wrap- including his symbols of 3 golden coins, a candy cane, a shoe full of goodies, and a big bag. He’s also holding his bishop’s crozier and wearing his miter. Feast day December 6.
  • St. Lucy peg doll wrap- aka “Santa Lucia”, she dons the traditional Swedish garb including a white gown symbolizing her innocence and a red sash symbolizing her martyrdom. She’s also complete with her candles (the name Lucy meaning light) and her candle crown that she used to bring supplies to the Christians at night. Feast day December 13. 
  • Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception peg doll wrap- She is dressed in white with a blue sash, just as she was seen by St. Bernadette! She has a star crown, rays of light coming from her hands, and a moon and angels at her feet. Feast day December 8.
  • St. Ambrose peg doll wrap- known as the “honey tongued Saint” he has his traditional symbols, which are bees! He is dressed in honey colored Bishop’s garb and even has a little miter. Feast day December 7. 
  • Our Lady Of Guadalupe peg doll wrap- this is my favorite of the set! She has her pink gown, black sash around her waist, the moon at her feet being held by an angel, and her golden lines surround her back! The night stars are on her blue mantel. Feast day December 12. 
  • St. Juan Diego peg doll wrap- he is complete with his tilma with the miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the front! His hands hold the tilma to the sides as his miraculous roses fall from the tilma in many beautiful colors. Feast day December 9. 
  • St. Barbara peg doll wrap- has an adorable crown, a castle, her “St. Barbara’s branch” that is starting to flower, and holds a chalice with a host. Feast day December 4. 
  • Advent St. Francis peg doll wrap- I included him holding a little nativity set because he is credited for creating the first nativity scene! 

A great amount of love and detail went into the design and artwork of every single one of the Advent Saint peg dolls! I designed these especially with children in mind!

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After a decade of hearing my children choose and swap peg dolls, I know that it makes a big deal to them if the peg dolls have details such as bows, flowers, swords, crowns, dots, bright colors, eye lashes, etc. The details matter to the kids, and these Saint peg dolls are not going to disappoint!

Just like my other sets, the download comes with labels to go on the bottoms. These are color-coded by Liturgical season and have a common symbol so you can separate your different sets. This Advent Saints set has an Advent wreath on the bottom, along with the names of each Saint. This way your kids will know who they all are! <3

As I know that St. Nicholas is celebrated in many countries and cultures, the peg doll St. Nicholas can actually be painted with whatever color skin you choose- so peach, tan, brown, make him white or African American… the choice is yours! For anyone interested, St. Nicholas originated in what is modern day Turkey which would most accurately give him a golden tan color.

I really wanted to include a donkey in the Advent Saint set to go along with the Advent Mary and St. Joseph peg dolls, so this pack totally includes a bonus donkey! I have a few options for this. I have a pattern that you can use to cut a wooden donkey along with printable paintings of a donkey to go on each side…

I also have a printable donkey that can decoupage right onto a standard children’s block. Easy peasy! 

What’s Included In The Printable Peg Dolls Download, Advent Saints:

  • 10 printable peg doll wraps
  • 5 various hats and crowns that decoupage onto the peg doll heads
  • Advent themed labels for the bottom of the peg dolls that include the name of each doll.
  • Step by step directions for each peg doll head you need to paint with pictures of each head from 3 angles.
  • Tips about how to paint, exactly what materials to use, and exactly how to be successful with decoupaging.
  • Two pages with patterns to follow if you want to cut a donkey out of wood with a link to information about doing that. There are also printable donkeys for when you cut it out of wood for decoupaging, and a pattern to decoupage a donkey onto the side of a child’s block.

What are you waiting for? It’s on sale for the first 5 days only for $8! After that it goes up to $10, so now is the time to get your download

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These are so fast to make, you can easily make them for your kids, nieces, nephews, and even your Godchildren!

You can find my other sets of printable Saint peg doll wraps here. You might be especially interested in my printable peg doll nativity set.



  1. This is not just the BEST IDEA ever, but you made these all so darling Lacy!
    I appreciated your video and the great photos above that show how simple you make it for us to create really fine learning tools that double as toys. 🙂 I’m looking forward to starting with your Nativity set to gift my granddaughter next year when’s she’s almost 3.
    Thank you!

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. These are just crazy cute. As the above commenter said, I’m doing the same, starting sets for our grandchild. I almost stopped subscribing to your feeds as my youngest is now in high school, but I still get benefit from it for ideas for our home during the liturgical year. But now we have added grandchildren and I can start over again! I’ve already decided that your idea of “feast day teas” are going to be a gramma thing, and these peg dolls will make great St. Nicholas gifts!

  3. I clicked on the link to order the peg dolls and it takes me to qty30 for over $100! Can I order any that fulfill the 3 9/16? any other recommendations?

    • Hi Mary –

      I think they totally sold out of the 10 packs and so now Amazon is only showing the 300 pack which is obviously way more expensive.

      I recommend just googling for that size peg doll. I know that I saw them at least on at least one other site (called Woodworks LTD). But, I also found quite a few sets of that size of blank dolls on Etsy as well. So, you could also try there.

      I hope that helps!

      Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager

  4. Lacey
    Will you be doing a pregnant St Ann for Immaculate conception sometime in the future? I just love that coloring page you have in the preschool book and as a peg doll it would be so beautiful!
    Or an Elizabeth?? For the visitation?