December Liturgical Pack

Each month there is a new liturgical printable pack that is released through the Catholic Icing Monthly Membership. You can see what has been in all the past Monthly Membership packs here. For now we are going to take a look at what’s inside the December 2021 membership pack!


If you’d like to watch a video featuring the items in the December home altar, check it out here! Otherwise keep scrolling and I’ll walk you through it. 

December Printable Home Altar

The printable home altar is my favorite part of these packs! I love being able to keep up with the liturgical year so easily! 

Because December incudes both the Advent AND the Christmas seasons, the December pack includes everything you need to transform your home altar from Advent to Christmas.

The December printable home altar pack includes:

  • A St. Nicholas Artwork for the Advent season and a Nativity art for the Christmas season
  • A page to write in your Saint of the day for Advent, and a second design for writing in the Saint of the day during Christmas
  • December litany of Saints, which is a beautiful page to display, and gives you a Saint for every single day
  • “Saint Spinner” which includes St. Lucy, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, and the Holy Family (all of which can be cut into holy cards at the end of the month)
  • Immaculate Conception of Mary candle wrap with a prayer on the back
  • A prayer triptych featuring St. Andrew’s Christmas Novena 
  • And everything that’s included in the “starter pack” of the membership, including the liturgical year cube and my complete home altar guide! 

December Bonus Printables

This December has one of my favorite Advent printables- Jesse Tree cubes! These little cubes can be folded out of paper or decoupaged onto wooden cubes for an heirloom quality keepsake. 

These little cubes also come with a printable display page that tells you which symbol to display for each day of December.

The December bonus printables also include Advent candle wraps and a Christ candle wrap! These just print and easily wrap around a cheap Dollar Tree candle. I love how these can be switched out throughout the year.

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Monthly Liturgical Membership

Catholic Liturgical Monthly Membership

Perfect for families! Each month you gain access to printable activity pages, crafts, home altar pieces, and more.
Never has living the liturgical year been so easy and affordable!

December Coloring Pages

I love the coloring pages that come in these packs, and my favorite for December is the Our Lady of Guadalupe coloring sheet! The great thing about having a printable pack is being able to offer options, and most of these have different options available! 

Catholic December Activity Pages

The activity packs each month include crossword puzzles and word searches for multiple ages. I love how they include Saints for the whole month, so you never “miss” a feast day and you’re not “late”. These pages are great for any time in December! 

I also love these family activity idea pages, and December comes with 2 different pages- one for the month of December and one for the season of Advent.

Printable Saint Blocks For December

Each membership pack includes 2 printable Saint blocks for the month. These can be folded out of paper into cubes, or decoupaged onto wooden craft cubes for a version that will last indefinitely! The December blocks include Our Lady of Guadalupe, and St. Nicholas. You can see all the past Saint blocks from the membership here

More December Saint Resources

There are even more Saint resources packed into this amazing December pack including a December Saint mini booklet, and these 2 printable stand up Saint statues. The printable Saint statues in December are Our Lady of Loreto, and St. Stephen. 

There are so many little “extras” that find their way sprinkled into these packs each month, and I love that!

Past Membership Packs

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