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Mary Crafts And Activities For Catholic Kids

I've been designing Catholic crafts for kids now for... well 13 years. Wow! I didn't realize exactly how many Mary crafts I have made over that time, but it's a lot! So I decided to make this one easy-to-navigate directory to help ya'll find them all. Definitely share and save this link- it will be updated when I come out with new Marian content for kids. You can find all of my ideas about how to … [Read more...]

Seven Sorrows of Mary- Printable Mobile Craft

The month of September is dedicated to the 7 Sorrows of Mary, and September 15 is the Feast day of Our Lady of Sorrows. You can find all of my ideas about how to teach your kids about Our Lady Of Sorrows here, and today we are going to be crafting a 7 sorrows of Mary mobile with kids.  If you've never heard of the Seven Sorrows of Mary, here they are: Prophecy of Simeon The Flight … [Read more...]

Sacred Heart of Jesus Craft

I thought I would share a Sacred Heart craft today since the First Friday devotion is to the Sacred Heart. :-) The Sacred heart of Jesus and Immaculate heart of Mary lend themselves to fun and colorful renditions, making them perfect for a craft project! Me and the kids love this fun and easy craft made with foil and sharpie markers. Check out this Sacred Heart of Jesus Craft!  Good … [Read more...]

Sacred and Immaculate Heart Rosaries- A Fun Catholic Craft!

My kids have always loved crafting these little rosaries and it's a hit every time I make them with the kids at homeschool co-op or Religious Education class! They're so easy, and the materials are super affordable, so even if you're crafting rosaries in a large group it's easy to afford to make them with every kid. This is a fun new version of the easy rosary craft that is shaped like a Sacred or … [Read more...]

Sacred and Immaculate Heart “Play Doh” Cookies

Don't let the name of these cookies scare you off- these are 100% edible cookies! They just look like playdoh, and you get to play with them like you're a little kid again. And let me tell ya- your kids are gonna LOVE making these cookies!   The feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus falls 19 days after Pentecost, which is this Friday. The Feast of the Immaculate Heart always falls on the day … [Read more...]

Explain the Immaculate Conception to Kids

Catholic ABC's Week: 14  Letter of the week: I Theme: Immaculate Conception Saint of the Week: St. Ignatius Craft: Immaculate Conception Coloring Page [Download Printable Version Here]   This Immaculate Conception coloring sheet was drawn by me last year. It is designed to help children (and all Catholics for that matter) understand that the Immaculate Conception refers to Mary … [Read more...]

Tie Dye Catholic Shirts- Sacred Heart, Immaculate Heart, and Divine Mercy

What is better in the summertime than tie dye? To make it extra fun, these are styled after the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Immaculate Heart Of Mary, and the Divine Mercy! We made a Sacred Heart shirt for my son, and Immaculate Heart shirts for me and the girls. Then my daughter insisted that "Daddy needs one", so I made a "Divine Mercy" shirt for him. (I didn't think my husband wanted to wear a shirt … [Read more...]

Sacred and Immaculate Hearts- Crafts, Food, and More!

June is devoted to The Sacred Heart. The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart is falling on June 11 in 2010, and the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is falling on June 12. I was really shocked to find soooo much cute Catholic stuff for celebrating the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts! Crafts, cakes, printables- even T-shirt making! Check it out: Check out these Sacred and Immaculate Heart Cakes I … [Read more...]

Mary Printables For Catholic Kids

Honoring Mary is a beautiful devotion and a long tradition in the Catholic faith. She was the mother of Jesus, ever a virgin, and always said "yes" to our Lord! You can find all of my ideas on honoring Mary with kids here. Today I would like to share with you a bunch of Mary printables for kids, and more than half of them are totally free to download and print!      I … [Read more...]

Teaching Kids About Our Lady Of Sorrows (September Dedication)

The month of September is dedicated to Our Lady Of Sorrows, so this is the perfect month to teach kids all about this special Catholic devotion. I am going to run you through everything you need to know to teach kids, and also observe the feast of Our Lady Of Sorrows on September 15. I also have links I'm going to share to coloring pages, crafts, recipes, and more! So let's take a look at teaching … [Read more...]