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Immaculate Heart of Mary Shirts- The Flip Side!

Remember the Sacred and Immaculate heart shirts we made during June? Well, the month of June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Know what the month of August is dedicated to? You guessed it- The Immaculate Heart of Mary! :-) If you've already made your shirts, I have an update. If you haven't, then you have another chance to do it! Good news! I now have a full at-home VBS program … [Read more...]

30 Days Of Mary: August 15 – September 15

Have you heard of the 30 Days Of Mary? I'm not talking about May, which is the month of Mary, I'm talking about August 15- September 15. This time begins with the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary on August 15 and ends with the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows on September 15 with plenty of Marian feast days in between. This is also known as Frauendreissiger in Germany, or Our Lady's Herb Day in … [Read more...]

How To Make A Pool Noodle Sacred Heart

During the month of June which is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I wanted to make something really big and fun to celebrate- a giant Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary out of pool noodles! These can be used as a large yard ornament, a door hanging, and also a fun outdoor game for kids! This is actually a small part of my full Sacred Heart VBS program for kids to use at … [Read more...]

Catholic Vacation Bible School… At Home! (Summer With The Sacred Heart!)

Did your kids have some of their favorite activities canceled this year? Yeah. Mine, too. As a mother, have you been looking for some fun and safe activities you can enjoy as a family this summer? Me too! So why not have an at-home VBS program with your kids this year?! I put this Catholic vacation bible school program together for Catholic kids during this quarantine, and I sincerely hope it … [Read more...]

How To Restore (And Paint) A Mary Statue

Catholic families love to have a Mary garden to display at their home. Often this is in a "Mary Garden". The statue can be big or small, new or old, and they all have the same purpose: To honor Mary in our homes and have a place to go for reflective prayer. But what if your Mary statue is looking... a little under the weather. I´m going to tell you step by step how I restored my own Mary statue! … [Read more...]

Sacred Heart Strawberry Shortcakes

The Sacred heart of Jesus and the Immaculate heart of Mary are both beautiful Catholic images full of symbolism! These Catholic devotions can be fun to celebrate any time of the year, and even for St. Valentine's day. These heart images lend themselves to all kinds of fun and colorful interpretations, and today we are going to make them from strawberry shortcakes, but would also work on top of any … [Read more...]

Sacred Heart Art Project For Catholic Kids

The Sacred heart of Jesus and Immaculate heart of Mary are both beautiful images and full of symbolism! They are one of my favorite Catholic devotions, and I just love all the different artistic takes on these images, especially the colorful and fun versions from the Latin community. I have been fascinated by these images since I was a little girl, and I thought a good way to teach my kids about … [Read more...]

Sacred And Immaculate Heart Crafts For Catholic Kids

The Sacred heart of Jesus and the Immaculate heart of Mary are beautiful and traditional devotions in the Catholic faith. I always have a special place in my heart for these devotions, and I want to share that love with my children. When we celebrate the Sacred and Immaculate heart feast days with our Catholic kids, they can learn about how perfectly Jesus and Mary love them! Days To … [Read more...]

Sacred And Immaculate Heart Paper Bag Puppets Craft

Summer time is such a great time to celebrate the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary with kids! The month of June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart, and the month of August to the Immaculate Heart. Of course, the First Fridays of each month are also a great time to do these activities! :-) Today, I wanted to share with you these adorable Sacred and Immaculate paper bag … [Read more...]

How To Draw A Sacred Heart Video!

Happy First Friday, my little cupcakes! I told ya'll I was resurrecting our old First Friday linky parties, and here it is! (A little late, but still lol) First, in honor of the most Sacred Heart of Jesus on this First Friday, I posted a "How To Draw The Sacred And Immaculate Hearts" video on my YouTube channel. Be sure to check it out with your kids! I squeeze in some of the symbolism for your … [Read more...]