Catholic Mass Crafts And Activities For Kids

I wanted one place to share all of my Mass ideas for kids, so here you go- crafts, games, books, and other learning resources!

mass resources for catholic kids

Mass Books For Kids

Mass book for Catholic kids: A Picture Book Of The Mass Illustrated By The Masters is a great resource for kids and adults alike. It goes through the Mass, highlighting everything that is said out loud by the congregation, in red. All the different pieces of the Mass are paired with beautiful old artwork. It comes complete with symbols that let you know when to sit, stand, or kneel. You can read more about the Mass Book here.

Mass Book for converts

Mass Crafts For Kids

How to make an affordable Mass kit for your Catholic kids- get all the details here!

how to craft a catholic mass kit for kids

Check out how to make your own Priest peg dolls, Altar Server peg dolls, and even Nun pegs dolls for your kids.

how to make catholic peg dolls

Make this liturgical color craft and activity here– no sewing involved!

Find out how to make your own mini altar table for your kids here.


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Here’s another tiny Mass kit I made to go with our Saint Peg Dolls– this one doesn’t involve needing any specialized supplies.

mass kit for saint peg dolls

How to make a portable kneeler for kids. This can encourage them to kneel at churches that may not be kneeling (or providing kneelers) during Mass. decorate a portable kneeler

Mass Printables For Kids

This is a set of scripture memory that’s all directly from the Catholic Mass. As you read these Scripture passages, you’ll find that you already know most of them by heart, all you have to do is learn where they are in the Bible. 🙂

scripture memory cards from the Catholic Mass

Liturgical Season Crafts For Catholic Kids

Teach kids about the Liturgical seasons by crafting changeable felt vestments. 

Make a Liturgical Season Wheel. This is printable in both black and white or in color. It assembles to spin and reveal the current Liturgical season.

printable liturgical season wheel that spins

Set up a home altar and switch out the table cloths to match the Liturgical Seasons at Mass. Find the beginner’s guide to Home Altars here.

catholic home altar ideas

Other Mass Activities For Kids

Here is an object lesson to help teach kids the concept of transubstantiation.

You can find all of my First Communion Resources for kids here.


  1. Love your Mass kit! I agree about the cost of the ones out there for purchase, quite ridiculous. What I did several years ago was purchase items from a second hand store. Our chalice was a brass wine glass, we found small glass salad dressing cruets, the paten was a fancy brass candle plate. Candle sticks were easy as thrift shops have them in abundance! I love your ideas for the incense and bells! I guess with painting everything you really can’t use the items to have Mass. You are so incredibly creative! Thank you so much for you time and dedication.

    • I also love thrift store shopping! I added several items from thrifting (including that we now have a brass “chalice” that’s a little nicer than the plastic one).

  2. Kat Gicante says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your picture book of the Mass Illustrated by the masters! I have ordered I think 6 in all and have given them to my children and keep one for myself and we take them to Mass every week. They are wonderful for children as well as adults and the paintings are lovely! My children look at the paintings in the book and then have comments/questions they ask later. This book is small enough that they can easily hold it and they keep up with exactly where we are in the service as well as when to kneel, stand, or sit! I think it makes the Mass go quicker for them since they can see where they are at all times! This is a super gift and I recommend having several onhand as gifts or for any guests (Catholic or non-Catholic) you may take to church! I would purchase them if they were ever hard-bound (hint, hint!) they are that incredible!

    • Lol! We are looking at possibly expanding the Mass book a little and possibly offering other binding options. I agree- we keep them around all the time. The kids use them always, and we often give them to visitors at our church and RCIA candidates. So happy to hear that you’re liking yours! 🙂

  3. Karen Cleppe (Bernard) says

    Your crafts are great, but would you have anything for children that are cognitively disabled. I have a religious education program where my students are autistic,
    Downs Syndrome and mentally retarded. Karen

  4. Sonja Campbell says

    I love this idea and will pass it on to my 1st graders in Faith Formation Class. 🙂