Teaching Liturgical Colors To Kids- Catholic Craft

When you are living the liturgical year at home with your Catholic kids, it is only natural to want to teach kids about the liturgical colors that go with the Catholic liturgical seasons. This easy and affordable craft can help teach your children about the Catholic liturgical calendar colors, does NOT involve sewing, and can last your family for years to come!

First of all, if you have a Catholic home altar, this is the perfect addition to that! If not, I’m sure you can find a great place in your home to display this little guy. He will fit almost anywhere.

Catholic Vestment Colors And What They Mean

Every year usually the Catholic churches give out free wall calendars at the beginning of the year. Be sure to grab one because it is very handy for keeping up with feast days, liturgical seasons, etc. This will let you know when you need to use each color! If you don’t have one, it’s easy enough to look up the current liturgical color online, or simply pay attention to the current liturgical season when you are at mass.

Green– Ordinary time (our growing season)

Purple– Advent and Lent (both a time of waiting)

Rose / Pink– Marks the middle of both Advent (Gaudete Sunday) and Lent (Laetare Sunday).

White / Gold– Celebration (Christmas and Easter)

Red- Pentecost Sunday and Palm Sunday (the color of passion, martyrs, and the Holy Spirit)

Blue- Marian feast days

Black- Good Friday, All Souls, Requiem (Funeral) Masses

Supplies Needed For Catholic Liturgical Colors Craft:

  • Stand Up Cross (Any small stand up cross will do. The one in these pictures came from the Dollar Tree. Here are some similar wooden crosses from Amazon.)
  • Felt (Green, white, pink, purple. Red, blue, and black can be optional.)
  • White glue
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons/Trimmings
  • Chalk (or a washable marker)

Start by cutting some shapes out of paper that you think will fit your cross and “trying them on” your cross. They will look something like this. We tried several slightly different shapes before we found what we were happy with.

When you have the paper shape that fits on your cross, place it on your piece of felt and trace around it with your piece of chalk or washable marker.

To cut out the holes in the center where it will go over the cross, fold the felt in half, make a snip inside the hole, then work your scissors in to cut out the circle. Trim also around the outside edges.

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The great thing about felt is that it doesn’t ravel, so you just trim it carefully and there is no need for sewing at all! Yipee!

When you have your mini vestments cut out, you can use ribbons trimmings and glue to make them as elaborate as you want, or you don’t have to. Here are some pictures of how we decorated ours.

Catholic Liturgical Colors

Green: Ordinary Time

Purple: Advent / Lent

Rose: Gudate and Laetare Sundays

White: Christmas / Easter

Blue: Marian feast days

Liturgical Calendar Activity For Catholic Kids

Proudly display your little cross in your home and have your child place the current liturgical color on the cross. Kids love this! When they notice a liturgical color change at mass, they are going to be eager to change their little vestments on their very own home altar! They will certainly learn about the liturgical seasons as they go. This is a beautiful way to weave the rich Catholic faith into your family life!

A Sewing Version Of Mini Vestments

If you are adventurous with sewing, for sure you need to check out my friend Jodi’s version at Sew Fearless! She has all the little pieces that go under the vestments, great directions, and a FREE pattern to sew your own!

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