Altar Server Peg Dolls

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Okay, these are the last of my Catholic peg dolls for now- check out our little altar servers!

Three altar server peg dolls, one holding a crucifix on a white background.

I love these little guys- they’re my favorite! These are a little more complicated than the nun peg dolls or the priest peg dolls because to make them short, we actually sawed off the bottom of the pegs. Like, with an actual saw. I usually avoid using actual tools, however… actually… I had Mark saw them for us, so I guess I still avoided tools. 😉

Saw off the pegs, paint, and clothe in felt. For more detailed directions, see my priest peg dolls– they’re very similar. I used white felt along with pieces of lace glued to the bottom for the altar servers because I was going for a very classic/traditional look. If your child is an altar server and just wears the white albs with the colored rope belts, you might want to just use white felt with yarn around the waist so yours matches them. These could be a great gift for a child finishing their altar server training!

My favorite one is the cross-bearer. The crucifix is from a broken rosary I think- it was lying around the house. I glued it to a wooden skewer thing and glued it straight onto the peg person. I love lining them up like this:

Three altar server peg dolls with priest peg doll in the background.

I think that religious peg dolls make great toys for Mass. I will warn you that it seems that toys that are religious in nature need a little more supervision than regular toys. For instance, if you just give your children a bunch of nuns, priests, and altar server peg dolls and let them play, you might come into the room with them pretending that the priest and nun are a family and the altar servers are their children. Ask me how I know.

Five catholic peg dolls, one nun, three altar servers, and one priest on a white background.

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So anywho, kids play what they know, and sadly, most kids don’t really know nuns and priests, so definitely have a talk with your kids about the religious life before throwing these in the toy box, um kay? 😉 That’s the point of all this hands-on Catholic learning stuff anyway, right? For your kids to learn stuff. Use the crafts and activities on this site in your family to talk to your children and have them ask you questions about the faith.

When making your Catholic peg dolls, make the altar servers’ eye colors, hair color, albs, etc. match your actual child, and paint the Priest to look like your own priest. I think this helps kids relate better. And if you’re lucky enough to know any nuns, make those match the ones your children are familiar with as well.

One more tip- if you’re making these for boys, call them “peg people” rather than “peg dolls”. Or maybe even action figures- lol! It’s all in the wording. 😉

God bless, and happy crafting! 🙂

Find all of my peg doll resources here!

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  1. These are great!! I’ve been loving the peg doll series. We made some of our own for a busy bag morning I just participated in: I linked back to your blog because I think it’s such a wonderful resource for Catholic parents. Keep up the great work!

  2. Hello! Love the Lenten calendar countdown and lap book! Would love to know where you bought the purple manila envelopes. God Bless all you do for His glorious kingdom!

  3. Oh, I meant purple manila folders! Opps!

  4. These are soooo cute!