Peg Dolls- All About Painted Wooden Saint Dolls For Catholic Kids

Catholic Saint peg dolls are a timeless and classic toy. It brings joy to my heart each and every time I see my children playing with these holy men and women. Ever since I participated in my first peg doll exchange, my kids have been peg obsessed! They play with these little guys all the time! Find all of my resources to get your family started below.

All you really need to get started are some wooden pegs, cheap acrylic craft paint, and Mod Podge for sealing them. 

 Order the pegs you need here for just $1 each and Prime shipping! 

You can also get the pegs shaped like girl dresses, but I don’t for 3 reasons:

  • The “bell shaped” pegs don’t fit in places like peg doll cars, they don’t line up straight in boxes, etc.
  • The girl shaped peg dolls don’t work for printable peg dolls
  • The girl shaped peg dolls are more expensive.

But we do have several from our peg doll exchange (pictured below):

catholic saint peg dolls

Catholic Saint Peg Dolls from the Peg Doll Exchange We Participated In

Printable Peg Dolls- Just paint the head and decoupage the rest! These really look and feel painted when they’re finished, and they go together remarkably fast.

printable peg dolls for decopage

Printable Peg Dolls- The Passion Set!

printable peg dolls the passion set- just paint the head and decoupage the rest

Printable Peg Dolls: The Resurrection Set

printable resurrection set- easter craft for kids

Printable Peg Dolls: The Nativity Set

How to host a Saint peg doll swap

saint peg doll exchange small

How to make a Mass kit for your little peg dolls

mass kit for saint peg dolls

Painting peg dolls- 3 different styles

painting peg dolls with different styles

How to play with and store your peg dolls

playing with saint peg dolls

Child Saint peg dolls on mini pegs

child saint peg dolls- jesus with the children

Animals that go with Peg Dolls

fluffy friends for peg dolls

Wooden animals for peg dolls with free printable pattern

pattern for peg doll animals- horse, donkey, camel

Priest Peg Dolls

how to make priest peg dolls- catholic kid craft

Nun Peg Dolls

catholic peg dolls

Altar Server Peg Dolls

easy to make catholic peg dolls

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  1. Can I just buy the printables for the nativity set?
    I don’t see a link for that.

  2. Hi there, where can you buy the dolls? 🙂

  3. Wanda Van Ortwick says

    My granddaughter is making these for our faith formation program, but the ink smears even after several coats of Fixatif, we are using Krylon Workable Fixatif, is there something that would work better, she is ending up having to paint over the smeared areas after she has covered with mod podge

  4. Do you happen to have a Noah printable??

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