A Picture Book of the Mass (Illustrated by the Masters!)

A Picture Book of the Mass: Important Availability Notice

Unfortunately, A Picture Book of the Mass is not currently available due to shipping and fulfillment issues. We hope to have this worked out as soon as possible (but it might take a while), so please check back or subscribe to the weekly newsletter to watch for an announcement when they are available again. Thank you!

Introducing the newest book from Catholic Icing, A Picture Book of the Mass, Illustrated by the Masters, filled with beautiful artwork that matches each part of the Mass! This is such a unique picture missal for kids!

These booklets have a place in every Catholic home! These booklets are perfect for:

  • Children and Adults- everyone who can read will enjoy these beautiful booklets and find them useful!
  • Visitors to a Catholic Mass
  • Anyone still getting used to the new Mass translation
  • First Communion Gifts
  • Confirmation Gifts
  • New Converts
  • RCIA Candidates
  • You!

Each masterpiece throughout these booklets is carefully placed to illustrate a different part of the Mass. This encourages meditation on the biblical roots of our beautiful Mass! (Current with new Mass translation!)

These booklets are not “dumbed down” for children, yet they are simple, straightforward, and easy to use. They are based on the most common, ordinary time Mass.

The paintings that illustrate the Mass were carefully chosen to aid meditation during the Mass, and are meant to be used as an evangelization tool for any Protestants you might invite to attend Mass with you.

The beautiful dedication page in the front of this booklet makes them the perfect gift for your Godchild, First Communion students, or any religious occasion!

Bulk discount packages are available! Order 1 Mass booklet for $7, or 5 for $25! Now, even a 35% discount is available! Order in packages of 20 or 50 and pay only $4.55 per Mass booklet!

(Once you click and add the packages to your cart, you can change the quantity. For example, 1 package of 20 booklets plus 2 packages of 5 booklets would be an order of 30 booklets.) Due to a high volume of bulk orders, I am now offering bulk discounts right from the box above. Please order in the increments provided to receive the discounts. (5 Booklets for $5 each, or increments of 20 for $4.55 each.) 

This booklet is approved by the International Commission on English in the Liturgy Corporation, and published with the approval of the Committee on Divine Worship United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The National Catholic Register came out with an article on this book. You can read the review here.

You can also read the review from Catholicmom.com here.

You can see pictures from the inside of the Picture Book of the Mass here.

These booklets were approved for Liturgical use in the United States only, however, we are willing to ship to other countries as long as you understand this. They are not currently available in other languages, but than you for your inquiries!

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