Epiphany Crown Food Ideas

I found all kinds of crown cakes, king cakes, king breads, and everything else under the sun for celebrating the epiphany. So whether you’re celebrating on the 3 or the 6 this year, I hope these ideas are useful for your epiphany party!

Try Making Family Fun’s Crown Cake for the Epiphany.

Make a traditional king cake! My directions are super easy.

I also found this Cute Crown Cake on from Bright Ideas.

Here’s a recipe for Epiphany Almond Cake.

In Mexican tradition, Rosca de Reyes (or Three Kings Bread)

is served on the Epiphany. Get a recipe here.

I found these adorable Crown Cookies on

a Picassa Web Album.

Check out these Crown Sandwiches.And if you’re in need of some crown-shaped cookie

cutters, find them here:

Crown Cookie Cutter (Large)

Be sure to check out all of my posts about celebrating the Epiphany with your Catholic family here

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