Crown Crafts For The Epiphany (Fun Way To Celebrate With Kids!)

Here are some ideas for you to make a crown with or for your kids. There are many reasons you might make crowns throughout the liturgical year, one of them being for the epiphany, which just happens to be coming up very soon 🙂

I loved this crown! Click here for directions.
I have some directions for making a simple king crown
out of poster board with preschoolers here.

This Crown is made from a Coffee Sleeve.

This Lace Crown is a little more involved than most

of these, but the results are striking!

These instructions come with a printable

crown template.

I liked the cotton balls around the bottom of this crown.

If you’re feeling really crafty, you can try this tutorial

with Little Birdie Secrets and sew a crown.

But when push comes to shove, if you just don’t have time

to make a crown, be sure to stop by Burger King for lunch. 😉

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