Fun Angel Activities For Kids

There are so many great times to learn about and celebrate angels with kids! Angels are God’s messengers, and they show up at many important events in the Bible, and also in the lives of the Saints. Today I want to share some ideas with you for teaching your kids about angels and share some fun activities such as printables, crafts, songs, and more! So let’s take a look at all things angels for kids!

When Can We Celebrate Angels?

Really, you can celebrate them anytime! There are also many feast days throughout the year that are perfect for learning about angels! Here are some feast days that pertain to or include angels. 

Feast day of the Guardian Angels

This feast day happens each year on October 2 and is a super fun feast day to celebrate with your kids! I have a post with 10 ways to celebrate the feast of Guardian Angels here

Feast day of the Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael

I have a printable pack that includes all the archangels and also the St. Michael prayer. You can print it in color or color it on your own. This is a pack you don’t want to miss!

You can find all of my resources for celebrating the feast day of the archangels here, which is September 29.

Easter Angels

more coming soon!

Christmas Angels

If you’re looking for some Angel activities that are specifically for Christmas, you can find a post here dedicated to Christmas angels!

Angel Printables For Kids

I have a printable page in my “Learning Our Prayers The Write Way” ebook with handwriting practice for the guardian angel prayer.

learning catholic prayers writing practice printale

Make a printable angel peg doll– easier than you think! All you do is paint the head using my step by step directions, then decopage on the bodies. In this case I added some fluffy wings with a hot glue gun for extra flair! 


Angel Crafts For Kids

I have a totally separate round up of angel crafts for kids that are so much fun! I have ideas for all ages from preschool through crafts that even moms can have fun with! You do not want to miss all the angel crafts for kids.

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Fun Angel Food And Snack Ideas

You can make some simple angel cookies using a cookie cutter that you very well may already have with your Christmas cookie cutters! I have a special recipe for an easy cookie icing that makes decorating a breeze. 

These adorable little angel snacks can also be a fun activity for kids to put together themselves! It’s also great to have a kind of salty option rather than just cookies etc. 

You can also try making food that has the word “angel” in the name such as angel hair pasts, or angel food cake. Don’t overlook the simple ideas!

angel food cake

Since we often think of the angels being up in heaven in the clouds, you may also want to check out my round up of easy cloud desserts for kids. These would be perfect for any angel feast day!

Angel Books For Kids

more coming soon!

Angel Prayers

Here are some of my absolute favorite angel prayers!


Angel Songs

Singing songs is always a simple and fun way to celebrate feast days with kids. Here are some angel songs you might find helpful.

More Angel Resources For Kids

If you want to make your own angel costume I have directions on how to make diy angel wings. Just pair with a white dress and you’re good to go!