How to Make Your Own Angel Wings- The Easy Way

If your kids are dressing up for All Saints’ Day, an angel can be a great costume! Easy for girls (just pair a white dress with some wings, and voila!) and an easy costume to talk boys into (since St. Michael wears armor and carries a sword.)

My little Violet has asked to be an angel 2 years in a row now, and wings, of course, are vital to an angel costume.

how to make angel wings for a costume

The wings were super easy to make, and completed in about 10 minutes after rounding up the supplies.

Supplies Needed:

  • White poster board or foam board
  • Scissors (or exacto blade for foam board)
  • White Ribbon
  • Feathers, Christmas garland, Feather Boa, or other “edging” decoration
  • Hot Glue Gun

I used foam board for Violet’s wings because she’s a little bigger, and poster board for Anabelle since she’s so young and I wanted them to be more flexible.

If you’re using poster board, you can fold it in half to cut the wings and make them exactly symmetrical. If you’re cutting foam board with an exacto knife, you’ll have to do your best to make the 2 sides the same. It’s ok if they’re not perfect.

angel wings from poster board

Decorate around the edge with whatever you want. I put feather’s around one set, and Christmas garland around the other.

how to make angel wings for all saints day costume


home made angel wings for costume

Punch 2 holes in each side. You can use a phillip’s head screw driver for foam board, or even an ink pen for poster board.

how to make angel costume wings

String the ribbon or elastic through the holes with the extra coming out of the front.

angel wings how to

The wings go on their back, and  you just tie the ribbon around each arm in a bow. Here are the ones I made from poster board and feathers (this was faster than the foam board with Christmas garland, but I don’t expect them to hold up year after year.)

diy angel wings wth feathers

That’s it! We’re using the foam board wings for the second time this year, so they’ve really held up! Pair with a white dress and you’re good to go.

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angel costume for baby

This past year even little Anabelle was an angel. (Lydia was St. Imelda, dressed up for First Communion. I loved all the girls matching in their white dresses!)

girls dressed up as angels

Anabelle is wearing a white dress that was mine when I was a baby, which I love!

angel wings with feathers

I love how the sun shines through the edge of the feathers, like the wings have a silver lining!

glowing angel wings

Violet is wearing the flower girl dress from my wedding. (And actually, Lydia is wearing my First Communion dress from when I was little.) I’m happy to be getting use out of these treasures rather than letting them rot in the attic! (Even if Violet did spill ketchup on her dress when we went trunk-or-treating. Lol!)

angel costumes for all saints day

Last year, I also made Violet a white tutu that went with her angel costume. Find the directions for the no-sew tutu here.

diy tutu angel costume

You can find all of my angel resources for kids here. You will find rafts, printables, books, recipes, and more! 


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  1. Crystal Paul says

    Used your tutorial for inspiration to make angel wings for a Christmas play in Botswana Africa this past week! Thanks so much!