EASY Cloud Themed Dessert Ideas For Kids

There are any number of feast days in which it would be awesome to make some cloud shaped snacks or desserts including the Ascension of Jesus, the Assumption of Mary, and even learning about the Saints and heaven in general. Here is a great round up of easy cloud themed dessert ideas for kids that you can actually make at home without the skills of a master chef!


Ascension Food And Snack Ideas

Make some jello cloud parfaits! You can find some excellent directions for making your own jello heaven parfaits here from One Little Project.

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These fun cloud mocktails from Midget Mama for kids are easy to make and sure to leave your kids giggling!
You can make your own cloud marshmallows, and A Busy Mom has some great directions to make them!
The directions for these cloud-themed cotton candy cookies are not in English, but these things were too cute not to include! Click over and translate the page for your directions.
The Decorated Cookie has some easy-to-follow steps to create your own cotton candy marshmallow cloud pops! This would be a really cute way to eat just a little bit of cotton candy, and the sticks totally make them seem like they’re floating like clouds. These could also be used to decorate cupcakes, regular cake, or even made onto a straw for a mocktail!
The Barefoot Baker not only has the cutest cloud cookies EVER, but she also shows you how to make cloud shaped cookies using your flower shaped cookie cutter. You HAVE to see these cookies that actually “rain” blue sprinkles. Tell me kids wouldn’t love these?!
You can grab a great assortment of cute blue sprinkles for these here, and some of them are shaped like little clouds!
Check out this easy cloud cake from Baker’s Brigade. The little flags could say anything you wanted them to!



  1. One great activity we did for the Ascension is to get a picture of Jesus ascending into heaven and get the children to cut it out and colour it and then attach it to a helium balloon with a string and let it go up into the sky. The children loved watching Jesus going into Heaven. Judy Law

  2. For Pentecost Sunday mothers in our prayer/play group cut out a number of tongues of fire using red paper and decorated them with glitter or just use red cello paper cut into flames. When the children were outside playing we quickly placed these tongues on top of the ceiling fan blades which was above the table. We then gathered the children together and got them to sit down and close their eyes and get them to sing ‘Spirit of the Living God fall afresh on us, meld us, mould us’ etc. and when they sang the second verse ‘Spirit of the Living God fall afresh on us’ turn the fan on full blast and as the tongues fell on the children they opened their eyes in amazement.

    • Mary McGovern says

      Oooo…this sounds amazing! I am sure that is a lesson that the kids will never forget!!