Saint Ambrose Feast Day Celebration Ideas (Fun For Catholic Kids!)

St. Ambrose’s feast day is coming up. Here’s a compilation of ideas for his feast day celebration! 🙂 We love to celebrate the Saint feast days during Advent at our house, and this is the perfect one to include! Because he was said to be the “honey tongued Saint”, anything including honey or bees is the perfect way to celebrate St. Ambrose’s feast day! He is also the patron Saint of candle makers, so candle crafts or activities could be perfect as well. Bonus points for making a candle craft that involves bee’s wax!!! 😉


If you are looking for more fun ways to include Saint feast days in your Advent celebrations, be sure to check out my printable Advent Saint pack. Fun and meaningful for the whole family!

St. Ambrose Feast Day Crafts And Recipes

I now have a printable St. Ambrose craft that holds
a sign which makes him a perfect pairing with any bee
or honey themed treat! He’s the perfect table decoration!
Try this Sweet Beehive Cake from Family Fun.
I just love the little bee cookies that go
with this cake!!!

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Check out this adorable St. Ambrose ornament from Catholic Inspired!

O Night Divine had this adorable craft…
beeswax ornaments! 🙂
Why not paint a St. Ambrose peg doll? I have a new set of 
printable Advent Saint peg dolls! You just follow my step by step directions to
paint the head, the the body prints and decoupages on. It’s that easy! St. Ambrose’s
Bishop’s hat also decoupages on, so you don’t have to pain that, either.
Ramblings of a Crazy Woman has a cute
Preschooler bumble bee craft project.
Look To Him And Be Radiant has this awesome St. Ambrose coloring page for free! I just love her site!
I found this egg carton bee craft for elementary
aged kids at Tiger and Lily Boutique.
You can find my free printable Saint food label for St. Ambrose here. Print it to put in front of any honey flavored treat this Advent and it is instantly a feast day treat!


This could also be a great day to make your Christ candle to go in the middle of your Advent wreath for Christmas! God bless and happy celebrating!

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