The Advent Christmas Planner (Printable Planner For Catholics Moms)

Introducing, The Advent Christmas Planner! The ultimate resource for Catholic moms to plan for Advent, Christmas, Saint feast days, and more. If you like the keep the true meaning of the season in the forefront of your celebrations, and could use some organizational help to make it actually happen, this ebook is for you!

“Lacy @ Catholic Icing has just released an Advent & Christmas planner that is out-of-this-world PERFECT for Catholics.  It couldn’t have been any more perfect if I had made it myself.  The only thing missing is a meal planning page for the feast days, so I don’t have to recreate the wheel each year.  This isn’t a referral link, but it’s SO fabulous, I couldn’t NOT share it.  Seriously. worth. every. penny.”

The Advent Christmas Planner costs $12, and will walk you through planning your season from Thanksgiving through Candlemas. That’s quite a value! 

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The Advent Christmas Planner from Catholic Icing

“Thank you so much for putting together your Advent & Christmas planner. I bought it in preparation for this past Christmas and it was such a blessing. It was so great to start some new traditions with my three little ones, and it really did help make our experience of Advent and Christmas much richer. We also loved the liturgical calendar stick-ons and hope to see more!

I also wanted to thank you for the little disclaimer and prayer at the beginning of the planner encouraging moms not to try to do everything, or to do everything perfectly. I try to remember this whenever I feel like I don’t measure up.”

~Kristie N.

From finding Advent candles to how to pack everything up for next year, this ebook will carry you through the Advent and Christmas seasons- both the religious and the practical aspects of it.

Remember the calendar stick-ons that I posted for living the Liturgical year at home? That was a tiny part of The Advent Christmas Planner. This whole ebook has been designed to help the average mother actually execute living the liturgical year at home during the Advent and Christmas seasons rather than just dreaming, filling Pinterest boards, and then becoming overwhelmed.This ebook was written to help you actually accomplish the things you’ve always wanted to by integrating it into your life.

This ebook integrates all the religious aspects of celebrating Christmas with all the practical stuff us mothers also have to take care of this time of year. From stocking stuffers to Jesse Trees, from Advent Saint celebrations to gift budgeting, from meal planning to Epiphany door blessings- it’s all in one easy place for you. No searching all over the internet, or picking from this book and that book.

The Advent Christmas Planner is part inspirational, part practical, part devotional, and part fun! Designed especially not to overwhelm mothers, this ebook is going to help you plan your own custom set of traditions that can build so that planning for Advent and Christmas gets easier each year.

living the liturgical year during advent and christmas

“Got your Advent planner last year… And am just now really reading it and picking which projects to do during this lovely season.

Firstly — GIRL! Well done! You thought of everything. Cannot even tell you how pleased I am as a homeschooling mom of three with special needs to have this resource. I need all the help I can get catechizing our children as they all have pretty severe language processing disorders and do not understand some even basic concepts and words. Visual is the way to go. And you have been such a help with that.”

~Anita V.

I want to be clear that this is not an Advent/Christmas craft book. (I know… I was shocked too.) 😉 However, this ebook is linked up to a series of special pages on my blog that take you to themed pages of crafts and resources for each feast day.

The Advent Christmas Planner ebook includes over 25 printable pages to help you prioritize, schedule, and execute your plans.

Advent and Christmas printable planning pages

The Advent Christmas Planner ebook has specific directions for how to make lists, prioritize, and how choose a reasonable number of traditions to do each year. (In other words, I’m not going to let you bite off more than you can chew.) Every tradition/activity has a “Plan it” box at the bottom of the page that tells you what to put on your calendar and shopping list to make it happen. Pretty helpful for us moms that have had our brains kidnapped by pregnancy, huh?

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Monthly Liturgical Membership

Catholic Liturgical Monthly Membership

Perfect for families! Each month you gain access to printable activity pages, crafts, home altar pieces, and more.
Never has living the liturgical year been so easy and affordable!

Ever wondered how to keep Advent fun, and not look like a grinch, while at the same time holding off on Christmas celebrations until the Christmas season actually starts? This ebook will help you do that!

I have a theory that mothers get taken off track by even the smallest of deterrents. For instance, you go to switch your laundry from the washer to the dryer, but when you walk by the laundry room, there is stuff sitting on top of the washer… so you keep on walking. You might not even realize that you walked away, but you did. I’m here to help you remove that pile of stuff, and switch those clothes out before they start to smell like mildew!  (Have I officially carried this analogy too far?) Anywho, This ebook will help you ease those deterrents so you can organize your thoughts, prayers, recipes, shopping lists, and ideas. This way, you can actually accomplish your goals. Whether you’re brand new to celebrating the liturgical year or an old hat, there’s something in this ebook for you.

Advent and Christmas planning book for Catholic moms

“I am so excited about this book!  Thanks for helping me keep organized during the Advent and Christmas season!”

~Sara R.

All the activities in this book are organized in the order of which they happen, and are color coordinated to distinguish between liturgical seasons. Although you will find some of your Catholic Icing favorites in this ebook, it is certainly more than a compilation of articles from this site. While individual internet posts can be useful, they always miss the organization of a real book, and the overarching ideas that go across the seasons. It really brings me joy to see everything so organized. Although it is rewarding to post ideas online, it never seems to be as navigable as I want it to be for you. Plus, it’s actually mostly new content.

I also went to great lengths to track down adorable easy-to-implement family traditions (things like the Baby Jesus hunt). There is something I love so much about small things like this that become family favorites and take hardly any prep time! I think of these little additions as the “gems” of this ebook. 🙂

“You are amazing!  This is just what I need.
Thank you for sharing your creativity at a small price,
So everyone can participate.”
~Jennifer D.

I’m the most excited about this book because I am excited to actually use it myself this year. You see, I’m a mother, just like you, and I have plenty of things that slip between the cracks in my life, just like you do. Hopefully, I’ll get to everything that is truly important to me during these seasons this year. I know this book is going to help me do that! From beginning St. Andrew’s Christmas novena on November 30 all the way through Candlemas on February 2, this ebook quite a stretch of resources.

The Advent Christmas Planner costs $12. That is a great value for this 110 page resource! The truth is, I really want mothers to have it and use it, and I don’t want price to be a deterrent. (I mean, you know how I feel about deterrents, right?) 😉

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The Advent Christmas Planner from Catholic Icing

“Packed with ideas and activities, this is the perfect tool to help you make the most of the liturgical seasons of Advent and Christmas”

~Lisa Hendey (

So go ahead and download it now, before the First Sunday of Advent sneaks up on you! 🙂 The ebook is in pdf form, so you’ll need Adobe Reader to be able to read it. When you purchase the ebook, it will immediately take you to a download link as well as sending you an email where you have 5 tries to download it. Please save it to you computer before you run out of download attempts.

Honey, good job!! Ok, I’m only on the opening prayer… I’m hooked!!!  I just had to pop back over here to thank you for helping mommas see that this is MORE than trying to impress or outdo in the creativity, etc department. Keeping the focus on JESUS is essential and I’m sure so many families will be blessed by this work of yours.
Now, off to read the rest of your work!
Hugs, Katherine

Please understand that when you purchase this ebook, it is for your own use, and the link/ebook should not be shared with your friends, families, and mother’s groups. If they would like the ebook, they should purchase their own copy. I am working on creating more resources for Catholic children (I have some really exciting stuff in the works!), and I can’t fund those projects if people are stealing my ebook. Thank you so much for understanding.



  1. Lacy,

    Love love love this!!!!! Did I mention how much I love this!!!!! Thank you so much for providing this great resource for Catholic families. I just downloaded it now, and am now really excited to prepare for Advent this year. Advent always tends to sneak up on me, and every year I say that next year I must be more prepared. Now, thanks to you, I will be ready. I also have your Catholic ABC’s book and my 3 little blessings (6, 4 and 2) just love doing the crafts! Take care and God bless you and your family.
    Jennifer G.

  2. Hi, I love your site. Thank you for all the work you do to spread the faith and make it accessible. I’ve been attempting to spend less time on the computer so is it possible to print the whole book?
    Thanks! ashley

    • Most of it is set up to be printed, but it does contain links to “extra” crafts and activities, so you’d have to be on your computer to access those. 🙂 (Although the book is totally set up to stand separate from the links, so yes, you can totally print it.)

      • I got the book last night and finished reading it this morning. I am thrilled with it! I love that everything is in one place and oh so organized. Haha, just last week I spent over 2 hours online printing and preparing for Advent and Christmastide and still felt very chaotic about it, afraid I’d forget something. Your book is a huge blessing, lol I was even calling it miraculous. It is my goal to start the Liturgical year off right and observe all of the Church seasons properly and this year is it! Thank you for making that goal more attainable. When is the Lent book coming out?!?!?
        < Ashley

  3. Lacy
    Love this. Pinning your post and purchasing the book! I wanted to let you know that I used your Nov liturg year stickers with my kids and mentioned you and your post in my own blog post this past weekend,~~~~

    Thank you again for such wonderful ideas and creativity!

    God bless

  4. Again Lacey–you’re the best. This is so helpful.

  5. You are amazing, Lacy! Thank you!!

  6. Thanks for putting all the work to make this available to us! I just ordered it and am printing it as I write. I’m excited to get organized for Advent and Christmas and this is just what I was looking for!

  7. What a great idea. Hopefully, it will keep me organized! My new blog is taking some extra time, so this can help. I’ve already started with Christmas ideas for my blog: (where I’m super excited to have a giveaway this week!) I will download this book after I make some room on my computer.

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Is there any option of purchasing an already printed book? If not, do you have a place to recommend for printing/binding?

    • There’s plenty of places that can print and bind stuff. You might look into Staples, Office Max, etc. You could probably even print it at the library and just put it in a binder.

      • Oh- missed your first question. No, I’m not offering it in a printed format… at least not for this Advent.

        • Thank you – I purchased it and plan on printing the actual planning pages while reading the rest on the computer to save on ink. 🙂

  9. JMJ

    Thanks for putting this together, Lacy! It looks great and celebrating the liturgical year more intimately (yet without being overwhelmed by so much to do) has been something I’ve always wanted to implement more fully within our family. One question: Is this set up for only the Ordinary Form or does it also include feast days according to the “old” calendar for those who attend the Extraordinary Form?

    God bless!

  10. This ebook sounds great! And though I know you created it mostly from a mom’s point of view…would it be applicable for a 2nd grade CCE teacher to use? At least for ideas, and the feast days and such? I would use it only for my CCE class…or at least try to! We only have an hour and 15 minutes every Saturday morning! LOL! I really love your website, and wish I was a mom myself!!

  11. Thank you so much for this book! I love it and am printing it out right now to show my bible study moms group. I plug you all the time to my catholic mom friends, lol. I always love to “touch & feel” before I buy something so I am showing it off for you. 🙂

  12. Can you buy it for a friend somehow? Maybe buy it and email her the download link?


  13. Lacy, can you reply with the deadline date for the $10 deal? I’!d like to blog it and the date would be helpful. Thanks

  14. I just read through this book. Thank you so much for putting this together. I wanted to make Advent/Christmas great this year. I’m a first time mom and even though my son is still a baby I say it never to early to start traditions 🙂 this is going to be so helpful to me, someone who is not all that crafty or creative. Truly a God-sent. Thanks!!!!!

  15. Hi Lacy! Can we get this as a gift for someone? Would we just forward them the email?

    Thanks so much!

  16. Where did you print it and get it bound? I would like to have it in a nice book instead of just on printer paper stapled.


  17. God bless you for putting this together! I hesitated about buying it because I have bought Advent planning books before, but I decided to go ahead and get it and I’m so glad I did. You have put together the perfect e-book for busy moms. I finally have everything I need in ONE place and you’ve made it really simple and easy. Thank you soooo much!!

  18. This sounds like a great resource. I’ve beenkindaa anxious about starting the Advent season right this year. I really need to incorporate more Catholicity in my household. I think this might be the ticket. I’ll have to look at this a little more later! Thanks! I’m bookmarking this!!!

  19. This planner is fantastic. I have been a mom for 26 years and I still found it helpful to get more organized. It is true that if you start small and build on it with each passing year you will have an impressive repertoire of special holiday traditions for your family well before they reach adulthood. Lacy lays out a very practical way to do it and maintain your sanity. I wish I would have had everything organized in a notebook years ago. It is a great way to get the older kids involved in the planning aspect for the younger ones because it’s all in one place and easy to read and follow.

  20. If I purchase this on my phone, do I save it on my phone?

    • It sends a link to whatever email address you put in, so you can download it somewhere that you have a pdf reader.

  21. Love your book, wish I would have bought it 2 weeks ago! THANKS so much for all your ideas!

  22. I purchased the planner a few weeks ago and now I can’t find it on my computer. How do I download it again?

  23. Found it in my email. Thanks. Merry Christmas to you and your family 🙂

  24. Will you be updating the planner this year?

    • Hi Courtney –

      This isn’t really a planner that needs to be updated each year. So, it will still be fine to use it this year.

  25. Heather White says

    I want to request that you do a planner like this for Lent and Easter season – I use so many of your ideas for that time of year and have this big folder of printouts that I wind up piecing together and sometimes I can’t find what I need when I need it. I would love to have a planner like this for that season as well.

    • Oh my goodness- has been on the to-do list for YEARS! In fact… my final vision is to have pages for each month, season, whatever, and moms can build their own binder to plan the liturgical year. That way, you can include all the recipes, ideas, traditions you do with YOUR family, without having a book full of Saint holidays you don’t celebrated and recipes your family doesn’t enjoy. I’d say there’s a good 80% chance that I will complete the Lent/Easter book and the starter pack for January this year. And as always, keep the recommendations coming! 🙂