Advent and Christmas Crafts and Activities for Kids

Advent and Christmas are an amazing time of year! It’s important to get the true meaning of these seasons across to kids, rather than getting lost in the secular shuffle. Catholic Icing is dedicated to helping mothers and educators do just that! Check out these ideas below, organized by category for your browsing convenience. 🙂

Be sure to check out my Advent Christmas Planner!

The Advent Christmas Planner from Catholic Icing

The Advent Christmas Planner is designed to help mothers prioritize, plan, and execute during the Advent and Christmas seasons. Everything you need all in one place!

Printable Advent Saint OrnamentsCraft Advent Saints throughout the season as a fun way to celebrate these awesome feast days.

Printable Peg Doll Nativity Set– Just paint the heads and decoupage the rest! Peg doll nativity sets are timeless and charming, and now you can make one with minimal effort.

Printable Advent and Christmas Blessings– I have rounded up a bunch of great blessings for your Advent wreath, creche, tree, Epiphany house blessing, and more!

Advent Wreaths Crafts, activities, a snack idea, and even a song for little ones! Plus, solve the problem of finding pink and purple candles this time of year.

Baby Jesus– Here, you can find a round-up of all of my Baby Jesus crafts, and you’ll even find some no-bake Baby Jesus cookies!

Christmas and Advent Sweets and Treats I put all the baked goodness on one page. Warning… you might gain some weight just looking at this page. 😉

Jesse Tree A guide for getting started as well as Jesse Tree resources including a free printable!


Nativity Sets– These are a great tool for teaching kids the real Christmas story! I have several nativity crafts and activities for little ones.

Advent Saints– There are so many amazing feast days that can be celebrated during Advent! Celebrating these days can become a rich Advent tradition for your family.

O Antiphons– This page has tons of O Antiphon resources including printable prayer companions, crafts, activities, coloring pages, lyrics to “O Come O Come Emmanuel”, and more!

St. Nicholas day– Shoe stuffing ideas, crafts, activities, and more.

St. Lucy day– Recipes, coloring pages, songs, crafts, and more for celebrating this fun, Advent feast day!

Planning for Christmas Mass– A resource to keep in mind for visitors.

Planning for Christmas Dinner– Some ideas to keep even your dinner plans focused on the true meaning of Christmas.

12 Days of Christmas Keep the celebrating going through the entire Christmas season!

Celebrating New Year’s Day– Ideas for Catholics.

Epiphany Check out all of these crafts for the 3 kings, crowns, door blessings, and more!

Meaningful Crafts– Here you will find all of my religious crafts from Advent through the Epiphany.

Download My Printable Nativity Set Here

As always, I deeply appreciate your support of Catholic Icing and I hope these resources bless your family and your home this Advent. God bless!