Printable Crucifix Craft For Kids

Catholic ABC’s Week: 8
Letter of the week: C
Theme: Crucifix
Saint of the Week: St. Clare
Craft: Catholic Crucifix Craft


This craft is really perfect not only for the letter “C”, but for Good Friday or any time during Lent as well! I have revamped this craft and now made it a very easy pritnable craft for Catholic kids which makes it especially affordable and easy to make, especially in classroom environment. Here we go! 

Materials Needed to Complete this Crucifix Craft:

  • This Crucifix craft download (free for subscribers- scroll down for details) 
  • Card Stock (which will make it stronger than printing on paper) 
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Stapler or tape
  • Glue stick or school glue
This craft prints on 2 pages. The kids can color both Jesus and the cross themselves. 
Once you have the coloring done, cut out the cross and Jesus around the outside lines. On the cross, also cut where there are dotted lines. Then roll the 2 flaps back on the cross, forming a tube shape, and staple or tape it. Now the cross stands up all by itself!
Now when you have your Jesus colored and cut out, you are ready to glue him on the cross.
If you’re making this craft for Good Friday, you can make this crucifix craft and the empty tomb from my printable resurrection set with your kids. At noon, tape Jesus on the cross, and begin the silence in your home. At 3:00, take him down and place him in the tomb.

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  1. very cute

  2. lovely. my 3 year old daughter has been and is enchanted with the crucifix — Jesus dying on the cross and rising! she would enjoy making this craft, but yes, we may use a dying Christ instead of the rising one. though the rising one is beautiful and we could color him for Easter. thanks.