Colorful Cross Wall- Tips For Making Your Own

I’m such a sucker for beautiful crosses and crucifixes. I actually like to collect them when we go on trips, or sometimes to make them myself. You get to a point where you have a crucifix in every room, and where in the world would you even put another cross? Well… I’ve come to discover that I far prefer to hang them all together rather than scattering them around. The result is a striking, eye grabbing cross wall.

Now, my house is very colorful lol. You wouldn’t have to go this colorful. You could have a big wall full of super classy crosses, but this gives you an idea.

I also have a mural on my back door, and I have painted my refrigerator yellow. But those are posts for another day. 😉

I do still have other crosses hanging other places in my home, but I really enjoy this eclectic cross wall collage, and I plan to continue it until the wall is full- top to bottom.

Tips For Building Your Cross Wall:

  • Start with one larger cross, and hang smaller crosses around it. And just go ahead and start now with the ones you have! You can fill in as you go, and collecting them is half the fun. 🙂 (As you can see here, I also randomally paint on my back door when I’m in the mood, so it’s always changing, too. Life is just a work in progress, and that’s ok.)

  • Mix different colors, styles, textures, and especially sizes. This gives your wall interest. If you’ll notice, my wall comes off very colorful even though I have several crosses that are boring in color.
  • Mix all kinds of crosses– celtic crosses, crucifixes, St. Francis crosses, St. Brigid’s crosses, your dried crosses from Palm Sunday, crucifixes from broken rosaries, etc. Hang what you have! I even have a rosary ring on mine.

  • Mix in a few things that aren’t crosses, such as a Sacred Heart, a religious picture, a rosary, a mirror, etc.
  • Don’t be afraid to change it up! My wall gets rearranged each time I get a new cross.

  • Make some of the crosses yourself. It’s fun and will give your wall a personal touch!

  • Look for crosses when you go on trips as your souvenir.
  • Check the Christmas decorations for crosses– there are some beautiful ones and they already have loops to go on the wall! Quite a few of mine are Christmas ornaments, including my “faith hope and love” crosses. (here’s a similar set)

  • If you have young kids, hang the crosses high enough to be out of reach of little hands
  • Use sticky poster tack to stick small crosses to the wall.
  • Use command hooks if you’re afraid of nail holes. I use a mixture of these, and small nails. But seriously, I rearrange mine a lot, so command hooks are the best idea to protect your walls…

  • Check the Dollar Tree for crosses– they have them quite often.
  • Look for beautiful crosses in Hobby Lobby. Wait for one of the sales where all the crosses are half price- this happens quite often there!
  • Shop online for crosses! Amazon has some super cute cross sets! 🙂

Here’s a little more cross wall eye candy for you…

I really like these little mirror crosses I found. They were in a 5 pack at Wal-Mart in the aisle with stick on tiles and stuff. It was a good find.

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Later this week I’ll be showing you how we crafted some of these crosses ourselves! In the mean time, you can check out my past posts on crafting your own crosses:

I can’t leave this post without 1 picture that really shows my mural on the back door lol… You can also see our chicken coop just a bit through the window in the back.

Ok! That’ll do it. See you soon! Love you guys!!! *muah*

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  1. Nancy A. Grosso says

    Thank you so much for sharing!! I have been collecting crosses as long as I can remember and am about to create my first “wall”! Until now, I’ve just had them scattered throughout the house. The wall I’m starting with is the largest in my home, it’s the wall in my great room, that leads up the stairs. My house has an open floor plan, so this wall is seen from the great room where the tv is and I spend most of my time, as well as the kitchen and eating nook. I’m re-painting all of the walls, but having the most difficulty deciding on which color to paint they Wall of Love and Faith! The other two walls of the great room will probably be close to the color of a melted McDonald’s chocolate shake. Before I decided to to dedicate this wall to my faith, I would have painted it a rich, dark chocolate brown, but most of my crosses are brown. So, of course, I’m afraid they won’t stand out like I want on a brown wall. I love all of your colors and especially one of the blues you have, however, I just spent an hour writing to you about colors, etc when it hit me that I can use that blue!! Now I just need to go back and find the picture, so I can describe it to you in hopes that I can explain which blue I’m referring to and get the name of that one, so I can copy it!
    By the way, I am absolutely thrilled with the phrase “make it about the lamb, not the bunny”!! Easter has always been my favorite holiday and I cannot wait to create a sign to put in my yard with crosses and stone!! God bless you!! Thanks again!! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and looking through your post and am sure I’ll be spending a few more hours here!! Keep spreading the news!!

  2. B. Griffin says

    I love crosses. I have a cross wall in my hallway!!
    Don’t know how to post a picture!!!
    Love your colorful house ❤️