Easiest Cross Craft For Kids Ever

Hi everyone!!! Surprise, surprise, I’m still alive lol. I thought that as I’m getting back into the swing of posting here again, I would share something I did with the kids super recently. I didn’t even intend to post these but they came out cuter than I expected them to. Also, cross crafts are super useful during the Lent and Easter seasons. You can find all of my cross crafts for kids here. Now I’ll show you how to make the easiest cross craft for kids ever!

Supplies Needed For Cross Craft:

  • Foam board (white or black)
  • Box Cutter or Steak Knife (for grown ups only)
  • Markers (for white crosses) or Gel Pens (for black crosses)
  • Washi tape

That’s totally it! 🙂

First, a grown up cuts the foam board into cross shapes. Trace something if that’s easier for you. Ours are NOT symmetrical because I freestyled it. You really can’t cut foam board with scissors but you CAN “saw” at it with a steak knife if you don’t own a box cutter. And I know from experience. 😉

I cut white crosses for my little kids and gave them the giant bag of “mystery markers” we have. You know- the bag with all shapes, sizes, and drynesses of markers that have been collected over years. I didn’t supervise or guide them at all and I was surprised how cute they came out.

But they still looked a little unfinished so I decided to “frame” them with washi tape, which helped them be cuter and also made the edges of the foam board look nice. Just cut the pieces of washi tape to length and wrap around the edges of the crosses.

Before Washi Tape Framing:

After Washi Tape Framing:

These days, Lydia is in middle school, so it takes more than a bag of “mystery markers” to keep her interest. How did that happen so quickly? Lol. Anywho, I gave Lydia a black cross and she used her metallic and sparkly gel pens to drow her designs. Lydia and I are OBSESSED with these gel pens lol. And we use only the brand I linked above.

For Lydia’s I went around the edges with glittery gold washi tape. And it’s super cute but the glitter tape was a lot harder to work with. It was a cheap brand but it actually had to be glued on. lol. Maybe a better brand would have worked. This stuff came out of the dollar bin.

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Anywho, here’s the finished product.

Here’s Lydia with her cross…

And here’s Julian, Anabelle, and Violet with my mom and their crosses.

For now I mixed them into our wall of family pictures on canvases and I love them! Having anything crafty and colorful around the house always makes me smile. 🙂


I consider them an excellent addition to our dining room area 🙂

You can find all of my cross crafts for kids here. Tons of ideas for all ages!



  1. Welcome back, Lacy!
    2 posts in 1 week!
    Quite a treat for those of us who have been following you for years, and have missed you.

    I have never met you, so I am wishing you’d post an update on your life… did you finish art school? Are you an art teacher now? How your kids adjusted to school, etc!

    Peace and Joy!

  2. Lacy, your babies are so big! It’s wonderful to hear from you. I’m still wishing you’d post how you finished out your Mass kit, I made one for my summer school (VBS) preschoolers last year and it was very popular! I’d also love an update on how you’ve been. 🙂

  3. Melanie Vogel says

    So good to hear from You! The kids are all so big!